13 Simple Business Ideas to Add to Your Income Stream

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Blogging can be a very lucrative activity, but it doesn’t happen overnight. While working your way to a successful blog, there may be lean months. That is why it’s a good idea to have other business ideas.

Most people at some point in their lives seriously consider starting a business. It is not an easy task yet in the modern age of information technologies selling products or services is easier than ever before. Obviously starting a company involves risk and for the company to succeed a tremendous amount of hard work must be done.

Any business has only 2 inputs – work and capital. These inputs are interchangeable, you can always pay for the work you do not want to do yourself or save capital and do as much as possible yourself. The term risk is mostly associated with losing capital – try to do as much work as possible yourself in order to reduce expenses.

Finding capital nowadays is not as hard as it was in the past, yet it is still considered a major hurdle of any startup. Most people just can not pull the trigger on borrowing external capital and risking other people’s money. As a good rule, you can do as much work as possible yourself and prove that business idea is viable, scalable and has enough potential for success before investing any significant sum of money.

The amount you have to invest upfront depends on many factors, yet there are many business types that require close to zero capital investment, obviously, if you are ready to put a lot of consistent hard work upfront. At least it was like that until the recent shift in service automation.

We witnessed an interesting change happening in the second half of the current decade. A lot of intermediary service businesses have evolved empowering you to launch your business ideas faster, easier and with minimum risk. It is stupidly easy to create a website with Shopify, WordPress, Wix or any other similar content management system. You can even fill such online store with products using, for example, Printify, where you can print on demand anything from T-shirts to phone cases. All you need is a design idea. Printify will take care of the production process, storage, and delivery. Such services make starting a company much easier and reduce the amount of work and capital required to start a small business tenfold. 

There is an enormous amount of automation services available from companies like Zapier. You can also find a useful review on ProfitIndustry about Printify and many other similar automation services before wasting a lot of time and capital on tasks that can be automated. Moreover, read articles on eCommerce automation and think about how you can use it to your advantage. Services like these allow you to set and scale your business with little upfront work and almost no capital expenses so you can concentrate more on the product or service you are selling.

Here is a list of business ideas which can be efficiently launched at a minimum viable level within 100 hours of work:

1. Becoming a Better Blogger

You don’t need to go far from home. Look where you are now, and work at getting better at blogging. It was never easier to create a website then today. Even though thousands of new websites are created every day, the amount of information people are searching online is also growing exponentially. Most websites are created with the purpose of answering questions asked by people. I believe that every person is an expert in a certain field. Share your knowledge online. There are hundreds of blogs earnings their owners $10k+ in pure profits on a monthly basis. Here are some useful tips on how to become better in blogging.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Alternatively, you can use your blog to promote someone’s products and receive a commission on each sale. In 2019 this sounds a bit lame, yet pulling this out the right way may easily bring you 4 to 5 digit income every month. Just make sure you promote the right products and provide really valuable content to your audience.

3. Internet shop

Niche internet shops became really popular on the web after the Shopify launch. Just make sure your clients can discuss your products in comments. In my experience comments on product pages often provide more value to the buyer then the product description itself.

4. Create online courses

This idea includes a lot of hard work upfront. However, it also allows you to sell the product unchanged for many years after product development. Just think about your job or hobby. If you think your knowledge may help someone to earn more money, why not ask them to pay you for that knowledge.

5. Consulting business

Consult clients who reach to you online on the topics ranging from bookkeeping to choosing appropriate motorcycle tires. Investing even 50 hours into researching and learning information online can make you professional enough on a certain topic to be able to consult clients in this regard.  

6. Stock photographer

There is a growing demand for authentic images online. Leading stock photo websites generate over a billion USD in annual revenues. It is not easy to make your photos to stand out in front of the competition, but it also does not cost a fortune to make a photo.

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7. Become a writer

Get paid for writing high-value content for third party blogs. You can also include indirect advertising into your posts or place backlinks to your own blog or product page and receive referral traffic. Make sure the product is directly related to the post topic. 

8. Niche community website

Create a website where people from a certain geographical area can discuss their hobby and write separate blogs. For example, a motorcycle-related website where registered members may write stories about their journeys, share their knowledge and learn something new.  Members create valuable content which brings more new members. Earn money through affiliate marketing by selling related products.

9. Become a researcher

There are plenty of options out there for researchers to offer services to businesses and other clients online. Use websites like Upwork or Flexjob to find research requests. Many marketing departments, law firms, insurance companies, and even writers will be happy to hire a freelance researcher. Moreover, you will be more successful if you start in a field that you are familiar with.  

10. Local travel consultant

If you live near the popular tourist attraction you can create your own unique travel guide on the area containing destinations that lie off the beaten paths. Sell such travel guides online in a PDF format with map images. Also, include descriptions on both popular tourist attractions and some forgotten objects that preserve little bits of history. Make sure to make your guide user-friendly to understand.  

11. Remote Tutoring

It is easy to set up and organize online meetings with students (especially children, teenagers or their parents) to help them with homework. Use content management service like Shopify or even WordPress to create and design a website with member accounts. Use the website as an appointment management system. Allow registered users (teenagers, children or their parents) to see your timetable and your availability so they can reserve online classes at a specific time. Make sure your website is user-friendly. This website will serve as a private secretary significantly increasing your efficiency in appointment planning.

12. Proofreading

Another easy to implement idea is to set up a website where users are able to submit their word files for proofreading. Students will always need their essays corrected and papers edited. That’s where an opportunity for you presents itself.

13. Social niche shopping marketplace

Create a group on social media devoted to a certain range of products, for example, everything connected to motorcycles. You can then make money on advertising and affiliate marketing. It’s not as glamorous as creating a tech startup, but this approach is able to bring you to profitability much sooner. 

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