5 Effective Marketing Ideas for Staffing Firms

by Robert Clough

If you just started your staffing firm, your most important question is probably how to get new clients. Without a killer marketing plan, they won’t find you. You have to make yourself stand out and become a resource that they come to for information. 

Not sure where to start?

We’ve made it easy for you by compiling this list of 5 effective marketing strategies that you can start using today to attract clientele. 


1. Be Unique 

To stand out amongst the competition, your staffing agency needs to be different. Luckily there’s no secret formula here. To be different, all you need to be is yourself.

Don’t try to align yourself with someone else’s brand or use all the tactics that you see your competitors using. Rather, let your voice shine through on your website and all of your content. 

2.  Use Social Media Effectively

It’s not enough to simply have a presence on social media. You have to monitor it constantly and communicate with your audience on a regular basis. Find out where your target audience is and use those channels.

For example, if they use Facebook, you’ll want to put a lot more effort into your Facebook outreach and advertising and less into the channels they don’t use as much. 

3. Blog, Blog, Blog 

This is so important it’s worth repeating again…blog! One of the single best ways to grow your audience is to create a blog and update it often. In fact, companies that focus on blogging are more likely to see a greater return on investment. 

People consume content in many different ways. Offer a variety of different content on your blog, from written posts to podcasts and video. This will help ensure that you reach your target audience regardless of their preferred medium. 

4. Grow Your Email Lists 

Someone may be interested in your services, it may just not be the right time. To keep them in the loop and to make sure they remember you when the time is right, you’ll want to capture lead information.

This is as simple as a landing page with a sign-up form that allows them to sign up for an offering, like a newsletter or free white paper. Whatever you offer, ensure that it provides value beyond the information that is freely available on your website. 

5. Become an Influencer in Your Industry

An influencer is someone who’s looked up to and respected in their field. Ad no, you don’t have to have a million followers on Instagram to get there.

We’re talking about someone who educates their audience and provides valuable information. They do this with the intent of keeping their audience informed and able to make the best decisions when it comes to their job search.

You’ll establish trust by becoming a resource that candidates can go to for information, whether on your blog or social media. And chances are, they’ll come to you when they need staffing services. 

Grow Your Staffing Firm Effectively with These Tips 

How can you establish yourself as a leader in the industry? By keeping your audience educated on news, updating them regularly on social media, and providing a variety of quality content on your blog. Implement these tips today and you’ll be on your way to ensuring a successful staffing firm. 

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