6 DIY Blogs to Learn From If You’re Entering the Niche

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Looking to enter the world of blogging? Specifically the DIY niche? Recently, DIY blogs have been a trending topic. Especially during these times where people are encouraged to just stay at home, a lot are dabbling into DIY. The DIY niche is not as popular as other blog niches such as fashion, travel, finance, or health. However, the niche is popular enough that it has an audience – and it seems to be growing day by day this year. So starting a DIY blog now may be a good idea since there is an established audience already.

Moreover, even if there are tons of DIY blogs, the DIY niche is broad. There are different types of DIYs such as knitting, home makeovers, and even gardening. While it may be overwhelming at first, knowing what kind of DIY craft you want to do will help you get started.

Below is a list of DIY blogs we’ve put together that you can follow and learn from.

DIY Projects

DIY Projects is the ultimate DIY blog. Owned by a couple, Lauren J and Dave Matthews, their blog features a wide variety of DIY projects. Crafts, personal projects, furniture, landscaping, storage crafts, and more – they’ve got it. Not only are they a great resource for DIY-ers, but they’re also a great reference for those who are exploring the DIY niche. If you’re looking for ideas on what kind of DIYs you can do, how to organize your content, and even make your blogging a living, DIY Projects is a great place to start.

Paper and Stitch

Brittni Mehlhoff is the founder of the DIY blog, Paper and Stitch. Started in 2008, the Paper and Stitch is mostly made up of DIY crafts from fashion to party decorations. With her background in fine arts, Brittni is able to put her creativity to use in creating accessories, holiday decorations, and even revamped furniture. Other than her content, her blog is also very aesthetically pleasing that navigating and reading her posts are easy on the eyes. For those looking into blogging in the DIY niche, visit her website and see her variety of DIY projects. You’ll be able to see how to expand the content you can do, and even learn how to organize your website for easy navigation.

The Harper House

Harper House is DIY blog dedicated to renovating houses. If you’re into DIY makeovers, Harper House is a great blog to look into. Christy, together with her husband, posts DIY decorations you can put up inside your homes. However, their main content is documenting home makeovers. They share their inspirations, renovation progresses, and the finished look. They list down the things they do, making those who want to makeover their own homes a possible DIY project. If you are planning to get into the DIY home makeover niche, Harper House can help you in deciding the direction you want your blog to go to.

A Beautiful Mess

Sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman run the successful DIY blog, A Beautiful Mess. Their blog has ten years’ worth of content and today, they have a full-time team that help them run the blog. What we like about their blogs – aside from their amazing DIY furniture and crafts – is that their posts are visible in the home page. This not only features they’re most popular posts, but it also gives insight on what kind of content you’ll find in their blog. Aside from crafts, they also post recipes from snacks to cocktails. Looking through their blog, you’ll be able to see how they made their site more engaging and aesthetically-pleasing.

The House That Lars Built

The House That Lars Built is a very colorful blog ran by Brittany Watson Jepsen. When you visit your website, the first thing that you’ll notice is loud colors and interesting shapes. Just by the look of her website, you will already notice the personal touch she has put in her blog. If you want to be the perky, creative, and bold DIY blogger, The House That Lars Built is a great inspiration. Sometimes, she’ll post DIY projects, and sometimes she’ll post themed decorations for inspiration. One example is her post on Hamilton-themed home decor.

The Merrythought

Another home-dedicated DIY blog is The Merrythought. However, what sets The Merrythought apart from most home blogs is that they strive to provide projects that are affordable and made from natural materials. This is why her blog (and her DIY projects) have a certain look to them: cozy. The blog is ran by two women, Caitlin and Manda, and their goal with their blog is to promote simple living. If you are leaning towards doing DIY that are simple and affordable, The Merrythought can become a great DIY blog resource. Their posts are not limited to DIY interiors or furniture, they also post about DIY oils, and even recycling old objects for decoration.

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