7 Best WordPress Contest Plugins for 2020

How well your blog does or how much it grows usually all boils down to one primary factor: your audience. You owe them a lot in this regard. They are the bloodstream of your blog and website; their continued support or patronage to your content is what kept it alive and kicking. Hence, rewarding them from time to time (or frequently) in the form of WordPress contest plugins is a welcome change in dynamics.

Of course, by WordPress contest plugins, we mean, giving out contests and giveaways for your audience. This can be anything from physical or virtual freebies to coupons and promos for goods and services. One way or another, your audience will surely appreciate this. Doing this also serves a dual purpose.

Giveaways and contests are known to drive traffic up and attract more visitors to your website. Hence, you’ll likely gain more loyal or repeat visitors by employing these WordPress contest plugins. So, here they are.

Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

The thing about contests is that they are more rewarding if they’re more difficult and if they inspire competition (friendly) among your visitors. Whoever becomes the winner will feel more rewarded, that’s for sure. That’s why an interactive plugin like Photo Contest is something that will make winning in your blog more special.

Photo Contest is a fast, light, and responsive plugin that adjusts well regardless of the devices your visitors are viewing. This is doubly important since it’s utilizing photos. The caveat is that this one is not free and the regular license will set you back $25 though we assure you that their package is generous enough.


For something more simple and straightforward that doesn’t require photos, Rafflepress is a good bet. It’s all about simplifying how you do raffles and freebies on your blog. Of course, using this plugin is easy enough; no need for advanced or even basic coding knowledge. It allows you to build giveaway pages using a drag-and-drop function.

This very well means you can create your raffles in minutes. Moreover, you can use this plugin’s beautiful pre-built templates or build your own if you want something more customized. Rafflepress even touts itself as the best WordPress giveaway plugin on the market, which is saying something. You’ll also have no trouble making your raffles go viral.

Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll is not only for contests and giveaways but also for, you guessed it, polls. Its main function is for creating some vibrant and comprehensive polls and charts no your blog. However, you can also use it to create some contests for that matter and give your contests a nice chart.

Sadly, Responsive Poll is not free and requires $16 for the regular license. However, if your website regularly deals in visual information, particularly translating data into digestible graphics, then this is something that will benefit your site greatly.

Video Contest WordPress Plugin

We showed you Photo Contest so now we’re moving on to the video counterpart of that plugin, the aptly named Video Contest. Like Photo Contest, it allows you to interact with your audience in a unique way by coming up with video submission contests (provided your prizes are rewarding). Your visitors can then vote who’s the winner.

Like its Photo counterpart, Video Contest is also a responsive plugin that allows for a lot of comments and many other ways to increase engagements with your audience. Being an intricate plugin though, it’s not free and will require a $25 fee for the regular license.

Contests by Rewards Fuel

If contest variety is what you’re after, then Contests by Rewards Fuel might be worth looking into. It allows your website to have 35 entry methods so you can ensure that your participants never get tired of seeing the same contests over and over again. You can even view the contest statistics to analyze the data and see how you can improve the contests.

The best part is that many other methods are being added over time and some of these contest methods can even connect you to other services. Contests is also a free plugin but you can opt for the premium version which costs around $11.63/month. This will grant you some additional options and features.


For our mandatory all-in-one tool which happens to include a contest and giveaway plugin for WordPress, Wishpond is here to satisfy your many needs. As you can imagine, Wishpond is a multi-tool that lets you design landing pages, grow your social media audience, and of course, generate some contests and giveaways for your visitors.

You can consider it as a complete marketing tool. It’s also great if you want to save space or performance consumed by WordPress plugins. Among the many things Wishpond allows you to do is also handling your email marketing. Meanwhile, its contest options and methods are quite robust featuring 10 unique ways your visitors can participate.

WooCommerce Lottery Plugin

Last but not the least, we have WooCommerce Lottery by WooCommerce. It’s also one of the easiest-to-install plugins on this list and only takes around 30 minutes to set up before you can finally start giving lotteries to your visitors. As usual, you get to control how the lotteries are presented and how your audience wins them.

Being a WooCommerce plugin, this one also integrates well with many other WooCommerce tools. It might even be essential if you run a commerce blog. Sadly, it’s also not free and will set you back by $23. Anyway, it’s up to you which of these WordPress Contest Plugins you want to pick; regardless of your decisions, they can help you grow your blog.

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