7 Proven Methods To Get Backlinks From Other Sites

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Getting linked to by other websites, or what is known technically as a backlink is one of the best things that can happen to your content. It means other bloggers respect you or your content enough to reference it in their own. Other times, it may even be a sign that you’re slowly becoming an authoritative blogger in your respective niche, all from getting backlinks from other sites.

Of course, there are also ways to “encourage” other websites or bloggers to link to your blog. This way, you can get better search engine optimization (SEO) for your whole website and you also form a network of trust among bloggers. Getting backlinks from other sites is also a great way for others to see your content, especially if it was shared by a bigger website.

As such, we’ve prepared ways for you to do something for your content or website that can ensure other websites or bloggers sharing your content or linking to you. They also have other benefits overall for your site, apart from getting backlinks.

1. Broken link building

One of the most standard ways to get other websites to link to your content is through broken link building. It begins by checking another website’s content and scanning for any broken links or hyperlinks that lead to nowhere. There are many plugins or applications you can use to do that. Of course, do scan a website or content that’s relevant to your niche for better results.

Get Backlinks From Other Sites

Once you find some broken links, you can then offer your own content as a replacement. After all, there’s a big chance that the old content they linked to might be gone especially if the content is already a few years old. Depending on how popular their content still is, you might even want to create your own content if you don’t have them already.

2. Use specific content formats

Speaking of creating linkable content which a lot of other websites love, certain formulas work better than others. These proven content formats that give you a better chance of getting backlinks are:

  • List posts (list articles, top 10s, etc.)
  • Guides/How-to posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes

These all have a good chance of going viral compared to many other content formats. Of course, there are also some exceptions such as well-written long-form posts that contain relevant or original information. Sometimes interviews are also well-liked by other websites especially if you’re interviewing an expert in their field or someone popular. If you haven’t tried these already, then it’s time to branch out.

3. Testimonials

A good place to get a backlink from would be commerce websites or online stores since they always have stable traffic and new visitors. If you’re also a regular customer sometimes, you can contact the said online store (regardless of whether it’s a product or service website) and have them publish your own honest testimonial and have them link it back to your blog’s home page.

Get Backlinks From Other Sites

Even if you don’t outright say that you want a backlink for the testimonial, there’s a chance that they will link to your site anyway if you’re an honorary customer. It will only take a few minutes and a bit of rapport on your email pitch compared to many of the other methods in this list. You can even do it for some of the premium plugins or tools you use for your websites, it’s a perfect mutual setup.

4. Guest posts

Guest posts are you contributing free (or sometimes even paid) content for other websites. That’s assuming you’ve built an adequate relationship with them for them to accept. However, the offer is really hard to refuse and many websites do love their guest posts. Now, since you’ll be writing everything and are essentially in control of the resources and the format, you can then make the backlinks to your website yourself.

It being a guest post means that it will appear as that website’s content, meaning the backlink still counts as organic even if you did most of the work yourself. It’s also a win-win situation for both you and whoever owns the host blog; you get your precious backlinks, and they get more content. As usual, they do take time depending on how long the host blog wants the content to be but they’re worth it.

5. Active promotion

Let’s not discount one of the most obvious ways to get backlinks: promoting your own blog or website. You can do this by contacting other blog owners or businesses personally and requesting a deal with them to link more of your content with theirs. It doesn’t even have to be your whole website, sometimes you can promote your own content to them and ask them to link to it.

Get Backlinks From Other Sites

This will require some rapport on your part, of course, maybe pulling some strings too in some cases. However, like testimonials, it’s also one of the fastest ways to get backlinks from other sites.

6. Increase your domain authority

This is by far one of the most tedious methods in this list because it takes time and patience. Website or domain authority is a metric that Google considers for search engines. If your website has high authority, that means it’s more credible and will naturally have better SEO. Moreover, higher authority websites are also better to link to since they can also increase your website authority by doing so.

That’s why having a good website authority will net you a higher chance to get backlinks from other sites. You can even easily check just now high a website’s authority is. For a more in-depth guide on increasing your domain authority, check this article.

7. Use HARO

HARO which stands of Help A Reporter Out, is a relatively new website or tool that lets journalists ask questions from niche or industry experts for their articles. They will then publish this as an authoritative fact or reference in their content, wherever they may be writing. It just so happens that plenty of them work in big news sites.

If they use your answers for their questions, then they will most likely quote you or perhaps even link to your website in case you have one and especially if it’s relevant to the discussion. Sometimes, you can even link your own content in your answers and whoever’s asking might turn it into a backlink. This is also a great way to increase your website authority and HARO is also a free service.

So, take your pick and get backlinks from other sites, it’s not so hard now is it?

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