8 Podcasts Bloggers Should Listen To

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If you’re looking to improve or find inspiration for your blogging, listening to podcasts for bloggers are a great way to do so. Podcasts are accessible, mostly free, and have a wide range of topics you can dive into. Moreover, you can listen to them as you do other things. You can listen to them while driving or commuting, while doing your chores, or even while exercising.

We’ve listed down some of the best podcasts for bloggers you should listen to.

Smart Passive Income

If you’re looking to make money with your blogging, Smart Passive Income is a great podcast for it. Hosted by Pat Flynn, an online entrepreneur, the 30 to 45-minute podcasts are filled with advice and strategies on how to make your online business flourish. Pat does not only share his own experiences as an entrepreneur, but he also has interviews with various business owners and entrepreneurs.

Listen to the podcast here.


Pat Flynn also hosts another blog called AskPat. Unlike Smart Passive Income, AskPat is for those who need quick and targeted advice or answer to their questions. Every week, Pat answers a question that comes from a listener; a great interactive podcast that makes it more enjoyable to the listeners. The topics can range from building your brand, increasing your audience following, to even managing your business when it takes off.

Listen to the podcast here.

How They Blog

Image Credit: How They Blog

If you’re looking where to start, start with this podcast. How They Blog’s Kat Lee hosts the How They Blog podcast which talks about how to become a successful blogger. There are tips and tricks on how to achieve success, getting over those writer’s blocks. Moreover, the podcast also invites successful bloggers as guests to talk about their creative process and their journey to blogging. Each episode is topic-specific which is very helpful if you’re just looking for one topic to listen to.

Listen to the podcast here.


Image Credit: ProBlogger

The ProBlogger is a treasure chest of knowledge for bloggers. Darren Rowse, a blogger in his own right, hosts the ProBlogger podcast. If you want to know everything about blogging from building your content to making blogging a living, ProBlogger podcast is a great resource. Today, the podcast has over 270 episodes that can help – both newbie and old – bloggers build a solid foundation and improve their blogs more.

Listen to the podcast here.

Elise Gets Crafty

Image Credit: Elise Joy

Elise Blaha, a creative blogger, hosts a podcast called Elise Gets Crafty. If you’re looking for some inspiration and creative boost for your blogs, her podcast is a great one to listen to. Her podcast features conversations different guests like business owners, authors, and productivity experts. Elise is known for her daily goal-setting planner called Get To Workbook, which is also what you can expect from her podcast. She does not only talk about getting into the creative business, but also creating goal habits in order for your blog to succeed.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Blog Millionaire

Image Credit: Brandon Gaille

For those looking into how to attract more visitors to your blog, you should start with this podcast: The Blog Millionaire. Brandon Gaille is a blogger who has a million monthly visitors, hence the name. In his podcast, he talks about the practical strategies and tips he used to attract his first million visitors. Catering to newbie bloggers and professional ones, he will talk about how to monetize your blog and effectively build an online presence. Not only that, his podcast will also teach you various aspects of blogging: SEO, SEM, WordPress, email marketing, and more.

Listen to the podcast here.


Image Credit: Tara Gentile

Profit.Power.Pursuit. is one of the favorite podcasts for bloggers. It is a biweekly podcast with Tara Gentile that focuses on getting into the creative business. This covers anything from art, designing, to even blogging. What’s enjoyable about ths podcast is that her conversations with her guests are so candid that it’s easy to listen to. She features various guests and discusses with them their experiences in pursuing a creative venture and being successful with it.

Listen to the podcast here.

Building a StoryBrand

Image Credit: Stitcher

One of the most important things in blogging is having your own brand or image. The branding your blogs have not only create credibility, but also rapport with your readers. While not exclusively for bloggers, Building a StoryBrand is a great podcast if you don’t know where to start on creating a brand for your blog. Donald Miller, the CEO of StoryBrand (a marketing company), is the host of this podcast. His podcast will give out practical advice on how to market your brand effectively and to make people start talking about it. Sometimes, he will have guests over to talk about how they successfully built their brand, such as Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS.

Listen to the podcast here.

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