Another one bites the dust…Bye, bye Credit Card!


Yup, even with my splurges from last month, I made enough to pay the remaining balance of my single credit card off today. Woohoo!!!!

I realize that the BAD community is very upset with me for purchasing a car other than my twins’ cars. And I will address that – the financial implications, my plan, etc. I want to get it registered and tagged before I post all the numbers so they are complete. And just to clarify, it is a used car and is NOT a 2019 new car despite the commenters who insisted otherwise.

I did respond to all the many comments…I apologize for the delay. But I was on a very stressful trip to return Gymnast to his father’s and meet with his school guidance counselor. It was filled with new memories, drama as I met his father’s girlfriend for the first time unexpectedly and tears as I said good bye to Gymnast for the time being.

I am looking forward to a quiet weekend, catching up with work I missed while away and the last weekend of freedom before volleyball begins and then school. I am ready for some regularity.

Here’s hoping you have a great weekend. My new budget and debt up will go up next week. We are working on a menu plan for the month and making sure I have the food here and ready to hit the ground running as both History Buff and Princess return to school.



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