Best WordPress Plugins to Increase Social Engagement

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A huge majority of all the people in the world use the internet. The term internet being quite broad since there are many “places” in the said digital space where people usually go. However, most of them get funneled down the maelstrom of social media. The regular human being spends most of his time online on sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That is why knowing where to find and engage them is crucial to your blog or website. Such a task is made even easier with the help of WordPress social plugins.

These are the plugins you add to your WordPress blog or website in order to boost your SEO or visibility with the help of your audience. Of course, as you can expect, some of your audience (or even most of them) love to socialize. Hence, using these WordPress social plugins is a sure way to get better views and rank up your website.

WordPress social plugins can have different varieties too, some of which are even cleverly disguised to appear like something else. Regardless, you’ll want to install these ones; they’re some of the best WordPress has on offer for better social engagement. They also help retain your readers for a longer time or decrease your blog’s bounce rate.

Shared Counts

Often, a tried and tested way to spread your content like wildfire is for your readers to share them manually on social media. This usually happens whenever they like your post enough or find it entertaining, useful, or other less than positive reasons (which we don’t recommend). For such a simple and conventional interaction with your readers, Shared Counts might be worth looking into. It lets your audience share your content on the most popular social media sites.

WordPress social plugins

They are limited but they’re usually all you need: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others. What makes Shared Counts one of the most ideal WordPress social plugins is its shares counter. It displays the number of times people have shared the content so both you and your audience can gauge the popularity or the viral factor of the content. The buttons and the counter are also customizable to suit the look of your site.

Sassy Social Share

If you find Shared Counts too limited in their social media scope, then Sassy Social Share might be more your speed. It’s similar to Shared Counts in that it gives your content pages easy and accessible buttons for sharing. However, Sassy Social Share features not a handful of social media, but more than a hundred. Hence, your audience will find no shortage of websites they want to share your content to, including Reddit, WhatsApp, and Tumblr among the standard ones.

Still, Sassy Social Share does not come with an included counter of its own (you’ll need a third-party app for that). It’s a worthy tradeoff since the said plugin comes with an innate support or customization option for its many supported sites.

WP Quiz or any quiz plugin

Now that we’ve covered conventional sharing methods, let’s talk about audience retention. One way for your website readers or viewers to stay in your blog or site is to keep them busy with interesting stuff. Everyone loves a good quiz, and that’s what WordPress quiz plugins are for. WP Quiz touts itself as the best among those; still, feel free to use any other quiz plugin if it suits your preference.

Anyway, what the quiz plugin does is add more stuff in your blog for your audience to interact with. Whether the quiz is relevant or random depends on you. Regardless, it will decrease your website’s bounce rate (or the metric which shows how often users leave after getting a glimpse of your site). Moreover, some quiz plugins “compel” other users to share your content or the quiz before showing the quiz results.

WordPress to Buffer

Your audience can’t be the only ones doing the sharing of course. You’ll have to chime in as well. Thankfully, you can make post sharing easier with an app called Buffer. It lets you schedule your posts on social media and lets you focus on making the content. Easy right? Well, you can actually make it easier and never have to access buffer again manually thanks to the WordPress to Buffer plugin.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It adds a buffer interface to your WordPress installation or site. Essentially, that makes it easier for you or your writers to schedule the post share right after finishing the content. Of course, it’s not just new content you can post, but old ones as well which still have a bit of trending potential left in them.

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WordPress Social Login

Another aspect of social engagement is feedback from your audience. They often give this in the form of comments and it’s up to you whether to engage them in your site’s comment section or not (it’s recommended that you do). You’ll still want to make it easy and a breeze for them, however. That’s because comment sections, especially those with added spam protection, typically ask commenters to register first. This can be dissuading since most registration processes are tedious and can take longer than expected.

So, save them the trouble and just have them use their own social media accounts to comment. You can give them that quality of life improvement with the WordPress Social Login. It lets your readers and viewers use their own accounts for providing feedback (whether positive or negative) for your content. Moreover, it lets you engage them with ease and invite them to follow your site’s social media page.


If you find that your comment section is getting a little too busy especially with other matters and that you’ve built a small community in your very own blog, make that community bigger! Nurture your audience gathering further by downloading BuddyPress or other website community plugins. It lets your users create their own profiles in your very own website so they can chat with you or each other in their own enclosed community, similar to a forum or sub-forum.

It’s pretty much like having your very own Facebook or social media on your WordPress website. The plugin is definitely a great way to retain your audience or subscriber base and interact with them directly.


Sometimes user comment or feedback should be valued and addressed. After all, they could be on to something when they’re suggesting useful things for your blog or website. The problem is, the default comment section of WordPress can get cluttered. You’ll want an easy way to keep track of comments using the WordPress plugin called Replayable.

WordPress social plugins

It’s basically a “subscribe to comments” function for your WordPress website. With Replayable, you also don’t need to take a look at each and every comment, the plugin has a machine learning capability to segregate the useful comments from the trolls or other nonsense. Moreover, it has email integration, so you and your users don’t have to constantly check the website for replies– it will be emailed to them.

Related Posts by Bibblio

For better SEO and prolonged user time on your website, you can always resort to using related posts. These are placed on the end or the middle of your content and can provide the audience with more of your material, in case they missed it and don’t want to browse. You also don’t have to do it manually; a WordPress plugin called Bibblio can automate it for you in each and every post.

WordPress social plugins

It’s an artificial intelligence-powered plugin which learns from your content. You can also customize how or when Bibblio adds related posts on your content or which ones to prioritize. This gives your audience more content to share, view, or comment on, further increasing social engagement.

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