Drinking Coffee Boosts Creativity: Coffee Subscriptions for Late Night Blogging Owls

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Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Writers

Blogging is not just about writing, for those who are interested in making it a career choice. It involves a great deal of hard work and late nights. The work includes creating content, editing, marketing, and even finance. There are a lot of considerations in creating a blog or webpage.

This makes working late nights a real struggle. Coffee, usually a writer’s best buddy, becomes a universal language. Drinking coffee in moderation has several benefits which include:

Boosting Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is a pre-requisite to creativity. Multiple studies suggest that drinking coffee (again, in moderation) boosts both focus and problem-solving. It does not necessarily give out inspiration for creativity. Instead, coffee helps the brain weed out all other unnecessary thoughts that block creativity.

Stimulating the Mind and the Soul

Similar to the boost of creativity, a hot cup of coffee stimulates the brain. It blocks out exhaustion and tiredness in the brain and pushes the mind to do tasks.

Oozing Confidence

Since coffee is a mug of energy, one of its interesting effects is to boost confidence. Maybe drinking coffee brings out the desire to write about dangerous and risky topics.

Interesting Coffee Subscriptions to Try

Writer’s Block Coffee

The website itself is so interesting that it is formatted like a book with a ‘table of contents’, a ‘plot’, a ‘blurb’, and more. A one-time purchase for a 12-ounce bag is about 14.99 USD. If a person is subscribed and will pay every month, each subscription will cost about 12.99 USD. A basic 3-month subscription is worth a discounted price of 38 USD.

Image Source: Writer’s Block Coffee

Coffee subscriptions sound so expensive, huh? Fret not as 5% of the total sale will be donated to First Book, which is a non-profit organization with advocacy on literacy. On top of that, purchases are refundable in case the patron did not like the aroma or flavor of Writer’s Block Coffee.

Their coffee is customizable where grain sizes can be chosen and beans could be ground to fit whichever machine is used to make coffee. For those who are unsure which flavors and aromas they would like, Writer’s Block coffee offers samples for only a cheaper price. Sample sizes are about 4 ounces, good enough to fall in love after a few cups. Sample sizes range from 7 to 8 USD.

What is even more fun about their page is that they blog, too! Content usually range from donation drives for charities to reviews of coffee makers and machines. They also have recipes and products.

Trade Coffee

What is special about the Trade Coffee subscription is that it creates the “perfect coffee match”. A customer must be able to go through seven levels of screening to determine the perfect kind of coffee for a subscription. It asks what machine will be used to make coffee, dairy requirement, roast level, taste, and grind sizes. It also asks if a patron wishes regular coffee or decaf. The website will then provide a selection of coffee brands that suits the user best based on the seven-level screening.

Image Source: Trade Coffee

There is also an option where there could be a rotation of different blends, aromas, and flavors of coffee. A usual 12-ounce bag can cost between 10USD to 15USD, depending on the origin of the bean. The frequency of subscriptions can also be customized by the customer.

One of the advocacies of Trade Coffee is to support local coffee farmers from different corners of the world. Also, on the Trade Coffee website, there is a section called ‘Coffee Talk’ which is like a blog as well. They discuss coffee-related podcasts, the future of coffee, and more.

Bean Box

The Bean Box is one of the cutest coffee subscription websites there is. Its minimalist design makes it homey and lovable. For subscriptions, they offer an ‘artisan coffee tasting plan’ made up of four different roasts and blends for only 16.5 USD. Made up of award-winning coffee, these artisan plans are the best that Bean Box could offer.

Other than the artisan coffee, their tea subscription boxes are what make Bean Box special. Not all writers and bloggers drink coffee. Many prefer the simplicity of tea. Also, they have biscotti boxes as well.

Image Source: Bean Box

La Colombe Coffee

The La Colombe is originally a café established in Philadelphia in 1994. They have coffee shops in many parts of the US including Boston, California, Washington DC, and more. For those who miss their coffee blends but could not visit the stores, coffee subscriptions are made available on their website.

Image Source: La Colombe

Something that could flutter a writer’s heart from La Colombe Coffee is that their roasts are named after the cities they are from. A customer can choose between two subscriptions of Dark roasts or Light roasts. La Colombe will rotate the roast, blend, and flavor of coffee to be sent in any specified frequency.

What makes La Colombe so cool is that they also have draft lattes, which are cold brew coffee in cans. These are good-to-go and could be brought while traveling, or spending time outdoors.

Drift away Coffee

Recognized by multiple media companies in the world, DriftAway coffee takes pride in its sustainability. What is better than drinking coffee? Drinking coffee for a cause by helping farmers and their sustainable coffee farms.

Image Source: DriftAway Coffee

PRO TIP: Always drink your coffee in moderation!

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