Finally…Cooler Weather!

We FINALLY have the windows and doors open and the air conditioning OFF! And at this point, based on the weather forecast, I have no plans to turn it back on. I am praying this tolerably warm/cooler weather lasts at least a month.

I look forward to that electric bill!

How about your area of the country? Are you dealing with a hotter than normal October? Or is it starting to cool down for you as well. I LOVE FALL WEATHER!

Sweatshirts and shorts, pants and sweatshirts, anything and sweatshirts…this is my kind of weather! And I’m so thankful that I have NO ONE I have to buy fall clothes for! Princess uniform covers the colder weather. (I did break down and add a sweatshirt to the uniform I had already purchased her, but she doesn’t know it yet.)

We are just in a completely different place this year with the private school, the uniform and only one younger child at home. As much as I knew in my head that this year would be different financially, I didn’t realize just how different it would feel. And look to my bottom line!

I definitely have moments that I look back to having all four kids at home, the daily 2 hour commutes to gymnastics training and weekend travels to competitions and miss that adventure filled life. But then I return to this time, the quiet, the steady, slower schedule and am grateful for where we are today.

Volleyball ends this week. And it’s a short school week. So I’m looking forward to some breathing time this coming weekend. Sometime to take a good hard look at my finances and consider my options.





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