Flight Got Canceled But WE MADE IT! | Recap

If you’ve been following Gary’s content, you know that the one thing he really hates is wasting time!!

It was tough when his flight got delayed for 3 hours and eventually canceled at the Toronto airport. He had to drive 8 hours back home to New York, but he made the best of it. Gary sat down at the airport to do a live Q&A on Instagram and created some incredible content that will add value to many of you.

"Adjust, or lose." – @garyvee
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Here are some key moments from the video:

1:26 “Gary, how do you keep up on social?”

2:17 What most historical icons all have in common

4:00 Gary’s thoughts on dealing with “haters” or critics online.

7:18 Gary’s flight gets delayed for 3 hours

8:10 Gary uses a banana peel as equipment

11:35 Ryan Harwood (CEO of Gallery Media Group) talks about what surprised him about Gary.


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