Fridge-Worthy: A Very Serious and Prestigious Social Media Awards Show

Fridge-Worthy is a social media awards show developed by Hootsuite to recognize brands who have posted unique, interesting, or savvy content on social media. Every episode features one brand, and explains what the brand has done to deserve a place on Hootsuite’s fridge, as well as a few main takeaways for businesses hoping to replicate the success for themselves.

Episode 7: Tentree

Award: Chillest Approach to Saving the World on Social Media

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How can you genuinely support a cause as a brand on social? Just ask our friends at @tentree and congratulate them for having 'The Chillest Approach to Saving the World on Social Media' ????????♻️

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What they did that was “Fridge-worthy”:

  • Ran a multi-platform campaign for New Year’s on the small things everyone can do to help the environment, created #environmentalish hashtag to accompany it


  • When supporting a cause on social media, try your hardest to be genuine and realistic. Consumers won’t believe that your company alone is single-handedly saving the world.
  • Meet your customers where they’re at. Tentree obviously knows that they’re audience is made up of well-meaning, environmentally friendly young people who are balancing a lot of different pursuits.
  • Sometimes small = better when it comes to supporting a social justice cause.

Episode 6: Burrow

Award: Best Rug Picture That Doesn’t Fill You With Crippling Shame

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Hey, furniture brands—learn a thing or two from our friends @burrow. Congrats on winning the 'Best Rug Picture That Doesn't Fill You With Crippling Shame About Your Own Home' ☝????

A post shared by Hootsuite (@hootsuite) on Feb 7, 2020 at 11:07am PST

What they did that was “Fridge-worthy”:

  • Frequently posts authentic images of their furniture being used by real humans (and dogs), including a picture of a Pop-Tart that matches a rug


  • Research your competitors and see if there’s a gap in the market that you could fill. Most other furniture companies on Instagram post highly edited, beautiful (but unrealistic) images of their furniture.
  • If you’re aiming for an authentic connection with your social media followers, post images of your products as they would actually be used in real life—instead of how they look in a showroom.
  • In general, try investing in authenticity over Instagram-perfection. Too-perfect images may end up making your brand seem unapproachable.
  • Always feature cute dogs in your feed.

Episode 5: Virgin Trains

Award: Most Provocative Use of Commuter Transport 

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Who knew a train could look so… good? Shout out to @virgintrains for winning the 'Most Provocative Use of a Commuter Train on Social' ????

A post shared by Hootsuite (@hootsuite) on Jan 24, 2020 at 11:00am PST

What they did that was “Fridge-worthy”:

  • Consistently tweeted from the perspective of a personified, confident and sexy train living its best life.


  • Don’t be afraid to take risks with your strategy and use your imagination.
  • Silly, bold content like this performs especially well on Twitter, where users are on the lookout for good jokes.
  • Marketers talk a lot about “humanizing your brand” but you could take that a step further and humanize your actual product (e.g., your trains).
  • If your channel exists to fulfill some customer service need, humanizing your brand or product can go a long way towards diffusing tension and frustration.

Episode 4: Recess

Award: Most Whimsical Personification of a Wellness Beverage

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It's not a break or a TV show—it's a beverage and it's called @takearecess and they've won 'Most Whimsical Personification of a Wellness Beverage on @instagram' ✨????

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What they did that was “Fridge-worthy”:

  • Developed characters with personalities for each flavor of beverage they sell (e.g., Pomegranate Hibiscus is a hot head who is always trying to get rich) and created an ongoing series of posts about these characters and their adventures as part of a larger strategy to appeal to creative, stressed out millennials.


  • Create content that is weird and interesting enough to make your audience feel like they are “in on something.”
  • Make sure each post works on its own, but also as part of the larger story your brand is telling, like a chapter in a novel.
  • Reward long-time followers with long-running jokes, stories, and references. They are more valuable than followers gained from contests who follow you to get something free and then unfollow you after.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell stories that aren’t directly about your brand and how awesome it is.

Episode 3: KOHO

Award: Best Generational Stereotype Busting by an Infographic

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Who knew a bank could be funny? Millennials did! @getkoho you win for having the 'Best Generational Stereotype Busting by an Infographic' ????

A post shared by Hootsuite (@hootsuite) on Dec 18, 2019 at 2:04pm PST

What they did that was “Fridge-worthy”:

  • Posted a cute and informative graph about the relationship between Millennials’ bank accounts and avocado toast (hint: there is no relationship, it’s a joke!)


  • Know your target audience and know what issues are important to them so you can post content that speaks specifically to them.
  • Even if you’re a financial institution, it pays not to take yourself too seriously on social.
  • Don’t be afraid to do exactly the opposite of what your competition is doing (in this case, making jokes and cute, nonsense graphs).
  • Even if you’re a “boring” brand (like a bank), that shouldn’t stop you from making engaging, Instagrammable content.

Episode 2: The Vancouver Aquarium

Award: Most Gratuitous Use of Cute Sea Mammal Content

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We have an exciting and local winner this week! @vanaqua you win because of your ‘Most Gratuitous Use of Cute Sea Mammal Content’ and we love your #Pupdates ????????

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What they did that was “Fridge-worthy”:

  • PUPDATES: Any time they post content about their sea otter rescue pups, they preface it with “PUPDATE,” which is objectively adorable.
  • In general, they play to their strengths and mostly post images of the cute animals they take care of, attracting tons of fans of “cute animals”.
  • They used puns to name two of their “inhabitants” after celebrities (a seal called “Swimmy Fallon” and an octopus called “Ceph Rogan”) garnering laughs and attention from followers, as well and retweets and in-person visits from said celebrities.


  • Use cute content to sell products.
  • Use puns to sell products.
  • In general, get creative with naming your products.
  • Don’t be afraid to ride the coattails of people with larger followings than you, by naming your products after them or partnering with them in some way that makes sense for your brand.

Episode 1: No-Name Brands

Award: Best Deliberately Unexpressive Brand Voice on Twitter

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An awards show where we recognize a brand for something cool they’ve done on social recently ✨????

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What they did that was “Fridge-worthy”:

  • Post content to their Twitter feed with a consistent, unique, deadpan brand voice that resonates with millennials
  • Live-tweeted the Emmys in the same brand voice, i.e., “trendjacking”

What we can learn from them:

  • When developing a strong brand voice, try creating a character first (with personality traits, hobbies, backstory, etc.). Then write every social media post in the voice of that character.
  • Don’t be afraid to embrace the “boring” parts of your product or brand.
  • Try live-tweeting an event as your brand’s “character.

Want more inspiration for your brand’s social strategy? Bookmark this page and check back often for new episodes of Fridge-Worthy!

Do you follow a business that’s doing something unique, interesting, or savvy on social media? Nominate them for a Fridge-Worthy award in the comments below!

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