How To Look Like A Professional Blogger When You Are A Beginner

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Pro Blogger

When you launch a blog, you want to show the world that you know what you are doing. This is because your visitors are used to a certain standard in terms of quality, hosting, and so much more. When you just randomly start a blog and you have no plan, you will look like a beginner. Even if you actually want one, this is not the impression you want to live. Because of this, here are some mandatory things that you have to do in order to look like a pro blogger, even if you are just starting out on your journey.

Always Self-Host The Blog

Think about what you would rather read. A blog on BlogSpot or one that has its own domain name? Using hosted platforms for your new site will look amateurish. At the same time, because these resources are free, they are often filled with spam. Also, you do not really have control of the blog, and monetization will be much more complicated.

Fortunately, nowadays hosting is very affordable and you can start with a shared hosting package that will only cost a few dollars per month, even less if you pay for a full year. Also, the domain name will only cost around $15 per year, which is highly affordable.

Blog About Something You Know

Do you want to launch a blog about computers but you only know things about games and not about the actual hardware you use to play those games? In this case, it is better to start a blog about games, not about computers.

It is important to blog about something that you know because this will help you to create content that you know is correct. At the same time, it will show in your writing that you really know what you talk about.

If you do not know what to blog about, think about the job that you have right now. Do you work in the insurance field? If this is the case, you can start an insurance-related blog. You can talk about topics of high interest for people like Honda extended warranty options or maybe about the differences between life insurance and house insurance.

Make Your Blog Theme Unique

While there are many pro bloggers that still use standard WordPress templates and even free ones, if you want to start strong, it is better to work a little on the design of your new blog. You will want to seriously consider a paid theme that can easily be customized but a free one that you can modify can also do the trick if you know how to modify it or you take the time to learn.

Fortunately, there are many different resources available for you to design a look you can be happy with. Remember that what you design will live on in terms of branding and you do not need to know Photoshop or other programs like this to get things done. You could always use Canva to add some design touches that make your blog feel and look unique.

Secure The Website

If you see the “not secure” marking in the address bar of the browser, it is very important to change that. You should never neglect security since there is no serious blogger out there that does this these days.

Remember that an SSL certificate is very cheap and there are even ways to get a free one to work on your blog. With this in mind, there is literally no excuse for you to neglect security in 2020 and beyond.

Create High-Quality Content

The big difference between professional bloggers and novice bloggers is that the pros take as much time as is needed to create the content of the highest possible quality. Generally speaking, the longer, the better. This is especially the case with posts that explain complex topics.

The longer posts always perform better in search engines and there is a much higher possibility that your visitors will share them on social media. Also, make sure that the content you post is supported. This is especially necessary when writing about topics like finances, safety, and health. Use reputable sources to show that you know what you are talking about and that the information you offer is correct.

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