How to Merge Two WordPress Blogs Into One

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Have multiple blogs that you want to merge into one? Or an old blog that you want to integrate with your new one? Luckily, merging two blogs on WordPress can be easily done! Moreover, the content you have in your blogs won’t be lost – including SEO. Read on to know how two merge two WordPress blogs into one.

The merge of two blogs can be very useful in many ways. It lessens the burden of maintaining multiple websites by just gathering them into one blog.

If your old blog is not as popular as your newer one, by combining the two, your old blog posts will be visible to a larger audience. Moreover, there will be new content to see for your readers – which can be very exciting for them.

Backup and Export

The first thing you have to do before merging is to backup the blogs that you’re going to merge. This is to ensure that if anything goes wrong, nothing will get lost.

After you have done your backups, you can now start exporting. Go to the WordPress blog that you want to be merged. On the left-hand side of your dashboard, click on Tools > Export.

Afterwards, make sure that the “All Content” option is selected. This will export everything that you have on your old blog. If you’re just planning to get the posts or pages or media, you can just select the option. Then click Download Export File.

You will then get a single XML file which you will use to merge with your other WordPress blog.


After downloading the XML file, you will now go to the WordPress blog you’ll merge with. Go to the left-hand side of your dashboard again and this time, select Tools > Import.

The page that will pop up will have several import tools. For merging WordPress blogs, select Install Now under WordPress.

After installing, another option will appear called Run Importer. Click that and you will be taken to a new page where you can upload the XML file of your other blog. After it has finished uploading, you will be taken again to a new page, the Import settings. This is where you will be asked to assign an existing user as the author of the imported file, or create a new one.

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Make sure that the “Download and import file attachments” is checked before hitting submit. After you’ve done that, you have now successfully imported your old blog to your new one.

After the Merge

There are still a few things you should take care of after making these changes.

The first thing is to make sure that your readers from your old blog know that you have moved to a new URL. To do this, some people will send out emails to their mailing list. However, the recommended thing to do is for you to set up redirects to your new blog. This is so that anyone who tries to visit your old blog will automatically be redirected to your new one.

Another thing on your to-do list is to update all the SEO links and tags on your old posts. Even though you have already imported your old blog, the content that you have there will still contain the old links and tags. That’s why you should make sure that they’re all accurate – especially the links. To add, if you used different SEO plugins for your two blogs, you may also need to correct some of your posts’ SEO formats.



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