How to Promote Your Blog Posts: 5 Proven Methods That Deliver Results

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55% of marketers say that blog creation is their top inbound marketing strategy.

And that’s not surprising.

Blogging not only provides a massive boost to your SEO efforts but can also help you attract up to 67% more leads, so even though it takes time to create compelling content, it’s well worth it if you know how to use it properly.

However, it won’t matter how great your content if you don’t know how to get it in front of people who would find it interesting.

So, in this article, we’ll explore some of the most effective ways to promote your blog posts that will get them the biggest reach possible.

First Things First: Make Your Content Worth Promoting

40 Experts Share their Secrets on How to Effectively Promote Blog Posts

Before we can dig into the specific strategies that drive readers to your blog posts, we need to make one thing clear:

For any of the strategies to work, your content must be good enough to read, share, and learn from.

If you can’t add any value to the conversations happening in your market, your post will simply be a collection of words that takes up space on your blog.

However, if you take a concept or an idea and put your own spin on it, injecting your experiences, opinions, and new information, it will instantly become more valuable to everyone in your niche and will drive the conversation further, which is the ultimate goal of any excellent blog post.

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The format, the type of blog post, and even the topic itself don’t matter as much since almost anything can fit the description above. That means that there isn’t a golden formula or template either – you will need to go out and look at what people are talking about, or you’re going to have to share your own experiences which can provide new insights.

You must also make sure that your DNS performance is stable and reliable, as having your site go down just as an influx of visitors are trying to access your blog is not something that you want to deal with.

Once you have a content piece that meets these requirements, the steps that we’ll discuss next will be much easier to implement and you’ll see that each of them deliver results simply because the content is valuable and not because you’ll perform “marketing voodoo” and trick people into clicking through to your blog post.

Ready to get started? Then read on below.

Run Facebook Ads

Many blog owners are hesitant about using paid promotions for their blog posts – since there’s often no direct return on the investment, paying for adds to direct to a blog post can seem to be wasteful.

However, if you understand the power of content marketing and the long-term benefits that blogging can offer, assigning part of the marketing budget to paid blog post promotion makes much more sense.

Especially when you consider that the so-called free promotion methods usually consume a lot of time which could otherwise be used for more productive activities.

The good thing about promoting your blog posts using Facebook Ads is that you can reach a very targeted audience and ensure that you get real clicks to your blog.

If you have an opt-in offer or a strong CTA at the end of your blog posts, you can capture a significant part of those leads and make the investment in the ad campaign much more sustainable.

Sometimes, you can get clicks to your site for as little as $0.20 per click, so even spending just 20 dollars can already get you a hundred readers who you know are interested in what you have to say and who you may not have had a chance to reach using any other method.

At the same time, you are also growing your social media audience, which has significant long-term benefits as well.

Post Answers on Quora

As any experienced content marketing agency will tell you, it’s essential to think outside the box when promoting your content – even seemingly basic methods can sometimes deliver extraordinary results as long as you know how to execute them.

One of these strategies is posting answers on Quora.

If you haven’t heard of Quora before, it’s a vast community of experts in various fields who answer questions in almost any topic you could imagine.

So, if you can find questions that are relevant to your niche, provide an informative answer, and link to your article as an additional resource on the topic, you can instantly get your blog post in front of potentially thousands of targeted prospects who might be interested in reading your answer.

For instance, if you write an article about the best product management tools, you could look for questions about which tools are best, post an answer, and link to your article for more info.

Quora gets millions of visitors every day, so there’s definitely plenty of potential for growing your blog readership if you post answers regularly and provide real value.

One thing to remember is that it’s a community where you need to give value and not merely promote your blog – if you try to spam answers with your links, your posts will not only get downvoted, but you are likely to get banned as well.

Explore Guest Posting Opportunities

Even though it may seem counterintuitive to post on someone else’s blog when you want to grow your own audience, guest posting is actually one of the most effective promotion strategies if you can execute it the right way.

Sure, finding the right blogs and getting them to publish your articles is not an easy task – most of the more prominent blogs get numerous offers each day and are quite picky about what they choose to publish.

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However, if your content is good enough, you will find that many blogs will be happy to post your content along with an author byline at the end, allowing you to invite the readers to check out more articles on your own blog.

You can get in front of an audience that’s larger than your own and entice at least part of it to check out your blog, which can be a very fast and affordable way to grow your audience.

What’s more, the backlink that you get from posting on a high-authority blog can give your SEO efforts a huge boost and allow your site to rank higher for even the most competitive keywords.

Get Influencers to Promote Your Post

When publishing blog posts, you can’t expect to succeed in a vacuum – there are people who have a considerable influence over your audience, and getting them to share your article could help you reach more people than with any other method.

And in today’s age, it’s much easier to get in touch with even the most prominent figures with millions of followers.

Many bloggers have found success with approaching people that they mention in their blog posts and asking them to share the post with their audience.

When you’re discussing their products, services, or personality, you make the blog relevant to the influencers as well, which significantly increases the chances of them wanting to share your article.

If you can’t get a free share, you can reach out to a few carefully-selected influencers and offer them compensation for sharing your article.

When promoting a core blog post or trying to grow your subscriber list with a CTA at the end, paying for a share on an influencer’s social media page is something you must consider if you want your post to get as big of a reach as it possibly can.

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