How to Use Social Data to Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign

How to Use Social Data to Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign

Social media defined the most successful marketing campaigns in 2019.

Popeyes chicken sandwich promotion campaign on Twitter?

Popeyes Chicken Twitter Promotion Campaign for social data

Image Source: Twitter

Popeyes managed to sell all their chicken sandwich supplies over several weeks. As a result, their Twitter promotion campaign turned out to be a $65 million win.

And it’s not just the competition between Popeyes, Wendy’s, and Chick-fil-A that made this campaign successful. There’s something bigger behind this success.

big as social data.

What is social data and how does it impact marketing campaigns?

data is a very valuable asset that brings you plenty of benefits to launch a
successful marketing campaign.

social data is raw data collected from different social channels (mainly social
media). This is the information shared publicly by social media users, which
includes but is not limited to:

  • location
  • means of communication
  • language
  • biographical data
  • feedback (e.g. likes and shares)
  • shared links, etc.

Social data, however, won’t guarantee that you get all the answers right away. Social data has limitations in that not all users share all this information.

Nevertheless, mining social data can bring you considerable advantages, namely:

  • A hyper-targeting opportunity. Since you get extensive information on who represents your target audience, instead of targeting a general audience, you get the ability to narrow it down and target a niche audience.
  • You are always in the know. Social data is constantly updated, so you can track the dynamics of your marketing campaign.
  • Better outreach and better sales. Getting more exposure and driving sales is what every marketing campaign is about. Social data provides you with the information needed to better understand what content, for instance, can help you increase exposure and boost sales.

enough praising social data.

take a look at how you can employ it to launch a successful marketing campaign.

1. Study your target audience

start with the technical part of the question.

defines every marketing campaign?

It’s the target audience, of course.

the target audience is one of the first steps of preparing the strategy that
your marketing campaign will follow. And, you can already employ social data at
this step.

the early stages of defining the target audience, we usually take into account
the following criteria:

  • Demographic – age, gender, location,
    language, marital status, education, job, etc.
  • Psychographic – lifestyle, hobbies,
    interests, behaviors, values, needs, etc.

Before you draw the chart that describes your target audience persona, however, take a look at the audience that already follows you on social media. There, you can check out the demographic and psychographic social data that they’ve shared with you.

instance, on Facebook you can check out the gender, age, location and language
of your followers:

Target your Audience for social data

however, shows a bit more data, allowing you to check out the main interests of
your followers:

Followers Main Interest for social data

As a
result, you get an idea of who represents your existing social media audience.
Social data describing the interests can help you determine your niche audience
for a more targeted marketing campaign.

2. Find unique content ideas

the insights on your audience, social media channels provide you with analytics
on how your audience perceives your content.

Facebook, for instance, you can both check out general post types and the
performance of each of your posts separately:

Find Unique Content Ideas for social data

LinkedIn allows you to do the same and check the number of impressions, reactions, as well as the click-through rate of each post:

LinkedIn Engagement Update for social data

However, you can also mine social data yourself directly from your followers by surveying them. Doing social media posts is what helped Flatfy, an international real estate company, come up with content for its global marketing strategy. Instead of doing boring blog posts or irrelevant social media stories, they created interactive graphs and maps:

Flatfy for social data

Choosing the right content with the help of their target audience pushed Flatfy to showcase their knowledge and experience, ultimately helping them grow from a small startup to an international company.

Surveying your audience is a social listening technique. With social media tools, you can survey your audience and collect social data without much effort.

On Instagram, for instance, you can collect social data 24 hours after a poll launches:

Collect Social Data on Instagram 24 hours after poll launches for social data

Image Source: Social Media Examiner

Having your target audience participate in a poll will inspire them to contribute to your marketing campaign and feed you with inspiring content ideas as well.

3. Increase exposure

fastest route between a brand that is looking for more exposure and billions of
social media users is a hashtag.

A hashtag is also a carrier of valuable social data that can be used to prepare a marketing campaign.

social data does a hashtag carry?

are direct indicators of what’s trending on social media. The rank of a hashtag
is determined by the number of users who have used this hashtag. On Twitter the
list of trending hashtags is updated daily according to the activity of Twitter

Incorporate Social Date to Increase Exposire for social data

Not every hashtag, however, is good for your hashtag strategy on social media. If you want to incorporate a certain hashtag to increase the reach of your marketing campaign, it is important to check its performance.

say your company sells real-time location systems or RTLS (IoT devices) to
manufacturers. Check out the performance of #RTLS and #IoT:


RTL Performance for social data


loT performance for social data

The drastic difference in the performance of both hashtags will influence your reach and exposure, as well as the overall success of your marketing campaign.

Over to you

The use of big data is among the most important trends that will influence social media marketing in the upcoming year. More attention will be paid to the algorithms that mine and process social data to create more detailed reports that can later be used to launch marketing campaigns.

now, however, social data can still provide you with all the information to
define your target audience, find content ideas, and work on ways to increase

don’t disregard the value of social data. Embrace it.

Guest author: Ryan is a passionate writer who likes sharing his thoughts and experience with the readers. Currently, he works as a digital marketing specialist at Flatfy. He likes everything related to traveling and new countries.

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