How to Write a High-Converting Indoctrination Email Series for New Subscribers

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Getting someone to visit your blog and opt in to your email list is a huge win. It’s the reason you develop opt-in forms, lead magnets, and funnels. But this is no time to stop and celebrate. If you want your new subscriber to become a highly-engaged and loyal member of your tribe, you have to get to work. And the first step is an indoctrination email series.

What is an Indoctrination Email Series?

In the most basic sense, “The purpose of the indoctrination series is to help your new subscriber get to know you and your company, to excite them about what’s to come, and to generally create a feel-good sensation about their decision to sign up.”

An indoctrination series is the first set of emails you send to every new subscriber by default. It’s essentially a welcome message – pre-written and automated. This means you don’t have to lift a finger or manually welcome your new subscribers. But because it’s an automated message that’s sent out on a mass scale, it needs to hit the mark. If it’s ineffective, you risk losing your subscribers or causing them to tune out prematurely.

8 Elements of a High-Converting Indoctrination Email Series

There’s no one way to write an indoctrination email series. However, there are a few elements you should consider. This may include:

  • A welcome and thank you
  • An intro to who you are
  • A restatement of the benefits of signing up
  • What to expect moving forward
  • A link to a few of your best blog posts
  • A personal note about your values and beliefs
  • Next steps
  • Open loop

Here’s a look at the purpose of each of these elements and why they matter:

  1. Welcome and Say Thanks

This is a pretty simple one-liner where you welcome the new subscriber by name and tell them thanks for subscribing. There isn’t much more to it than that.

  1. Tell Them About Yourself

In the second paragraph, you’ll want to introduce yourself and any team members you have. Think of this as a very short intro. You aren’t telling your life story. You’re just providing a couple of details to help them feel like they know you a little better.

  1. Restate the Benefits

Your subscriber most likely opted in to your email list because of expressed or implied benefits. You either sold them on opting in by giving them a reason for doing so, or they liked what they saw on your blog and decided to give you their email address. Either way, you want to restate these benefits and confirm that they made a wise decision. A few bullet points will suffice.

  1. Set Expectations

People don’t like surprises. They want to know where they’re going and what’s in it for them. So now’s a good time to set some expectations so that your subscribers can move along at a comfortable pace. Whether you’re planning to extend an offer or provide a weekly newsletter, you need to show them the way a bit. (This is also a great way to build anticipation and get them to keep opening your emails.)

  1. Link to Your Best Stuff

Never assume that a new subscriber has read every post on your blog. In fact, they might have clicked on a single post from your Facebook page, read that, and then opted in. So now is a good time to drop in a few links to your top blog posts.

  1. Provide a Personal Note

While you’re sharing things, go ahead and provide a quick statement about why you’re different, what your values are, and what makes you unique. (Do so in a humble manner.) This reminds the subscriber that you’re a real person with a unique personality, feelings, etc.

  1. Give Next Steps

Make sure the subscriber knows this isn’t the end. Give them some tangible next steps they can take if they feel so inclined. Just remember that you aren’t trying to sell them anything! The goal here is to give, give, and give some more.

  1. Keep the Loop Open

Finally, leave the email with a bit of a cliff hanger. This is called keeping the loop open – and it increases the chances that they’ll open the second email you send.

Get Better Results

An introduction email series isn’t designed to convert in the traditional sense. (In other words, you aren’t trying to make a quick sale.) It is, however, intended to be highly engaging. Think of it as nurturing your new prospect and putting them in a frame of mind where they’ll be more likely to convert in the future.

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