If You’re Not Advertising Your Blog on YouTube, You’re Missing Out

Have you ever thought about advertising your blog on YouTube with video ads? You might think YouTube ads are reserved for large corporations, but even small business owners and independent bloggers use video ads to reach their target audience.

YouTube gets more than 30 million daily visitors and users watch nearly five billion videos each day. Your target audience is on YouTube, guaranteed. It’s just a matter of developing an ad strategy to reach, retain, and convert your audience.

Monetized or not, your blog is your business and your content is what you sell. Here’s why YouTube ads will help you increase your readership and convert leads to sales.

Why use YouTube Ads

1. Creating YouTube ads is a user-friendly experience

You don’t need to be marketing expert to run video ads on YouTube. With a small budget and a little bit of knowledge, you can get YouTube ads up and running with little effort. 

The easiest ads to set up are the YouTube TrueView ads. These are not passive advertisements like television commercials. TrueView ads allow users to interact with the ad while it runs. TrueView ads also allow users to skip the ad after the first five seconds and you can make user clicks go directly to your website.

TrueView ads respect your budget

With TrueView ads, you don’t need to worry about going over budget; your ads will stop running once you reach your budget. You’ll only pay when one of three criteria are met:

  • A viewer watches your whole ad without skipping
  • A viewer watches for a minimum of 30 seconds before skipping
  • A viewer clicks on your ad

Start experimenting with video ads

If you’re brand new to YouTube advertising, read through this guide to programmatic advertising using TrueView in-stream video ads. You’ll learn the importance of establishing a targeting strategy along with how to deploy TrueView cards, discovery ads, and companion ads. You’ll also find examples of in-stream video ad specs to follow as a template.

Start experimenting with a small budget and gradually make changes to improve your campaign. You’ll be an ad pro before you know it.

2. People are hungry for deep and meaningful content

In a world that promotes perfect lives on social media, people want real, raw content more than ever. Most of raw content is found on blogs. When these users see an advertisement for a blog with deep, impactful content, they’re likely to click.

By advertising your blog through video ads, your ad will stand out. Even though you won’t get a 100% click through rate, it will capture attention because it won’t look like just another corporate ad for a car or the latest fancy smartphone.

3. Video ads are effective

According to data compiled by Wordstream, people who use video advertising grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Additional data reveals 45% of people watch more than an hour of YouTube videos each week, and 46% of people act after viewing an ad.

Video ads are effective, but you need to know your target market demographics first. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or selling your thoughts. You have a target market and understanding your audience is your ticket to reaching people with video ads.

For instance, marketing expert Neil Patel describes a successful in-stream YouTube ad for an iPhone screen protector. The company, Zagg, knew their target market well. The ad was a success and generated 13 million views on their product’s YouTube channel.

You can achieve similar success and start driving massive traffic to your blog if you take time to find effective ways to connect with your market.

4. Not many bloggers are using video ads

Right now, the competition for video ads is pretty low. That means your cost to run ads will be low, at least for a while. You won’t be competing for major keywords like retailers, so you’ll be able to increase your ad spend to get the most out of your campaign.

Your challenge as a blogger using video ads will be narrowing down and continually refining your demographics to reach the right people.

Do you use video ads? How has video advertising helped you?

Do you use YouTube video ads to drive traffic to your blog? Are you getting targeted traffic to your blog? Share your experience in the comments below.