Looking for a Great Boozy Gift? Flaviar's Spirits Subscription Box Could Be It

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Flaviar Tasting 19


As many of our favorite bars and restaurants are closed temporarily (or, in too many cases, permanently) due to the pandemic, those of us who enjoy a good stiff drink or an imaginative cocktail have had to turn to our home bars for a stay-at-home happy hour. To keep those tipples interesting, and to avoid splurging on a bottle that ultimately winds up gathering dust, the subscription service Flaviar offers a “try-before-you-buy” type of membership, as well as gift sets, that allows you to sample a wide range of craft and premium spirits and order full-sized bottles delivered to your front door.

It’s a service that’s gotten a lot of interest from our readers, so we decided to depart from our usual policy and accept a sample membership from Flaviar to try the subscription ourselves. This review is not a paid endorsement, however, and all opinions and assessments in this article are entirely our own.

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