How to use to research and automatically summarize content (AI Tool)

  • Important points of outline for the articles
  • Keywords mentioned in the articles
  • Contextual topics found in the articles

What caught my eye is the fact that this tool leverages machine learning AI and NLP to do so.

The later is crucial because the tool will use this key words to surface the top 10 Google results for that keyword and supply you with the automated brief.

And also you can do this by looking at the questions they ask on your topic…

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To begin, select Brief and enter the key words in addition to the record name that you want to rank for.
Since it is no longer about who creates information, but that creates the maximum quality wins and content at organic search.

Based on BrightEdge research, once asked about expectations for advertising technology providers to possess native AI capabilities, more than 50 percent of surveyed marketers said it was important or a must-have.

Pick the Content Optimization record type and add the key words also the URL of the article that you would like to optimize and you want to rank for.
It works on three fronts:
The subjects you didn ’ t and your competitors mentioned in their articles will soon be marked grey and these are the subjects which you might choose to research further on your own content.

How does this operate?

What does this mean?

You can do this easily with Frase.  

You are able to write your content while having a great deal of smart insights in to your topic available next to your 30, such as you would using any word processor.
The thing is that when you click on a subject, Frase will first show you related topics and then also show where that subject is mentioned in the research results.
You believe there’s you could be doing with AI on your organization but overlook ’t know just where to get started? Our team of marketing technologists can provide help.

Frase performance

Creating SEO briefs is truly easy with Frase. The tool will examine the search results for your target keywords and surface the topics that you need to cover in your content.

Media Tracking with Frase

Right off the bat, you can select whether you would like to use the instrument optimize, curate, or to generate articles or to create a material short.

Content editor in Frase

Let’s say you wanted to write a bit of content about AI and marketing.
This is probably the Frase functionality for content marketers.
You can copy-paste it straight from the editor if is not published yet.  

  • Processed sources
  • Typical source length
  • Average links per origin
  • The 10 resources which Frase has examined

I am aware that this probably seems like stuff.
And then it generates summaries which contain:

Finally, you may export your newsletter or push it into Mailchimp to ship to your subscriber base.

And how can you outline all of this content?


  1. Helps you determine the best topics for your articles by taking a look at the best search results on your targeted keywords
  2. Scans your current articles and benchmarks it from opponents for your targeted key words to recognize any subject gaps
  3. Automatically generates summaries of the content you’re researching.

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These automated articles briefs are very beneficial for speeding up your SEO analysis process!

You are able to apply filters to get more targeted articles and also set up your favorite sources to avoid getting an excessive amount of sound from publishers.
The application will give the list of the important statistics mentioned in the articles, the highlights for the subjects, and also topics mentioned in the ten articles. And finally, you’ll find the summaries.

You would name your file and add a query’AI marketing’ and you would be taken
At the heart of the Frase system is a text editor using contextual topic research operating in the desktop.
This ’s fantastic. However, how can you sort to obtain the content that is most important?
This ’s everything you’ll get in your brief:
And there’s …
The fantastic news is you just have to focus!

Create Content using Frase

Essential Functionality of

81% of top marketers agree that machine learning will be crucial for personalized experiences along the customer travel.
Think again if You Believe it s too early to start implementing AI-powered marketing tools:

Curate Content to Chat with Your Audience

There is $100 per month variant a free edition, $25 per month variant and custom pricing for brands.
As you can see, you can write your post and research the most important search results in advertising’ for’ AI .
It is possible to preview the content for the subjects you monitor from the Frase dashboard:
They’ve done a terrific job making the functionality, If it comes to that which Frase can actually do.

In the following guide, I’ll review Frase and show how it can be a instrument to parse through content on the internet and create summaries.
We’re in a state of material overload.
No more switching between heaps!

Produce a Content Short

Where Frase can provide help This ’ s.
When you are done writing your essay, you export into Word, PDF, or text document are able to share the connection with your colleagues, or publish to a RSS feed.

You want to compose content that fits exactly what people search for?
This sort of penetration is remarkably helpful when doing content research, whether your purpose is to produce new content, then optimize current content, or curate articles in the Web to talk to your viewers.

Source: Google/Econsultancy

And ’s not all of …

Now, let’s take a fast glance at the tool’s 4 areas.
If you were able to cut back hours in exploring subjects on Google and summarizing the results that are very best to get insights to your own content, would not that be a intelligent move?
Frase has a’Questions’ feature accessible so it is possible to see what folks are asking like Reddit and Quora, on Q&A websites that are popular. You can then attempt to answer a few of those questions!

And this t manage without AI…
When we hunt Google it typically returns hundreds of millions or thousands of matches for any question.
Frase makes it get a feed of the latest content and easy to stick to any topic on the Web.

So what’s

Here’s the type of advice you get on your topic:

  • Content – Links to the best performing articles on your chosen topic.
  • Topics – The topics mentioned in these articles with the number of times they are mentioned. Under the Topics tab you find out your articles rating and the target score achieved by the top articles for your key word.
  • Headlines – Here you will see the best headlines to your topic. Perfect for knowing and inspiration what type of titles operate in search.

In the end, you decide in to receive daily email with sources that are outlined and you may share these digests with the folks in your team.
What Frase is currently trying to do is help by allowing you to focus on the topics that matter to your viewers, you produce better content, quicker.
Plus, along with the content that’s created you can add comments and your own sections to those briefs.

Frase will process your articles and analyze the top 20 search results for your target keyword to the topics.

You’re going to find a content rating by adding in the topics mentioned in the top ranked posts for your 24, which it is possible to improve.
From there you can click to look at the summary or click’Add’ to automatically add an overview to your file in the editor.

So why don’t you give Frase a try (there is a free trial availablenow ) And allow me to know what you think!
You will begin with developing a new document and selecting’Content Curation.’ You ll begin seeing recent news, when you type in your key words.
Frase utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to understand and learn in the content in order to make the most relevant content summaries.
Improved content curation via AI scale their websites posting, integrate more research on their articles, should assist marketers create newsletters, and produce richer internal microsites. Tomas CEO, Co-Founder and Ratia in Frase.
Want to understand your content score and how to improve it to rank high?
Content marketers are constantly searching for ways to streamline the process of writing, studying, and optimizing content for search engines. It’s about working smarter to produce the best results while reducing time.

Optimize Existing Content

Fundamentally, it types depending on the query you specified to identify the material that’s most relevant to your study.

As soon as you’re done optimizing your content, you can return to your’Topics’ tab to find out whether your content rating has improved.
As a marketer, I am confident that you understand this process might be a lot faster.

Like many monitoring tools, it operates by setting up the subjects you wish to follow. You may even apply conditions to topics like’and’ or’or’ to acquire more results.


This ’s what happens next:

This really is a excellent way to make a newsletter from content that is curated. You can easily put in the content summaries and an introduction to customize your newsletter.  
Frase is a really helpful tool to assist articles marketers streamline the process of exploring and creating content.
With the advances in AI technologies, tools such as Frase are currently surfacing to make us more efficient in things thatup till recently, relied entirely on intelligence.
If you share articles that is curated, Frase will be able to help you find and outline excellent articles in the Web to talk to your audience.

This ’s how it operates: