The Power of Employee Advocacy for Marketing Teams [Infographic + Video]

A powerful strategy and program that many large and enterprise companies are exploring is employee advocacy.

The concept of employee advocacy centers on employees sharing about their company, their jobs, work culture and professional interests on social media. Said differently, it is about companies equipping and encouraging their employees to become brand advocates.

A program and strategy can have major impacts on an organization, like driving sales and brand visibility. And one of the strongest use cases of employee advocacy is for enhancing marketing results.

By utilizing an employee advocacy program, businesses can level-up their marketing and expand their brand reach.

Here are a few areas of marketing that employee advocacy will benefit:

  • Improves brand reach organically
  • Increases social engagement
  • Drives more web traffic
  • Boosts leads and quality of leads
  • Saves money on rising costs of paid social

Yet, the best way to prove value is with actual data and statistics. Check out the infographic and watch a short animated video below from EveryoneSocial about the impact of employee advocacy on marketing.

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