Peloton Gets Riders Addicted: Especially During Isolation

Why is Peloton emerging as one of the top home-based fitness option during the quarantine with 66% increase in sales, with a stock that’s increased 77% since the stock market collapse on March 13th, 2020?  It’s not just about the hunk of sweaty metal, plastic, and electronics – they’ve tapped into a sense of belonging, even when we’re physically separated.  Peloton is just what the isolated, activity-craving, homestayer needs to scratch multiple primal itches. It’s true, ask anyone who owns at Peloton, and they will tell you all about it, till you promise to buy one for yourself.  Their secret sauce has many ingredients. But, as I surmise it, it’s getting “A-DOSE” from the addictive tech-group-workout. A-DOSE: The Secret Sauce … Continue readingPeloton Gets Riders Addicted: Especially During Isolation