Resistance Thrives in Darkness

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Resistance kicked my butt for almost a decade in my twenties. I’ve written about this in The War of Art. I crossed the country thirteen times in that era, driving my ’65 Chevy van, for no reason whatsoever except that I was running away from myself and my obligation to do my own work and follow my own calling.

But here’s the Big Takeaway:

The reason Resistance won was that I had no idea it existed.

Resistance thrives in darkness.

Resistance loves invisibilty.

Resistance’s most diabolical trick is that it masquerades so convincingly as our own voice.

When you and I hear ourselves thinking,

“You’re a bum, you’re a loser, you’ve got no talent … “


“Who do you think you are, dreaming of making a movie, starting a business, writing a book? You? Don’t make me laugh!”

we think that voice is us. We believe that these thoughts are ours, that they are an objective self-assessment offered up by our own rational, reasoning selves.

They’re not.

They’re Resistance.

If you don’t believe me, let me show you the thousands of e-mails and letters I’ve gotten in which totally disparate, unknown-to-one-another individuals report the chatter they hear in their heads.

The voice is identical in every case.

Everyone hears the exact same thing.

The genius of Resistance (and why it’s so powerful) is it convinces each of us that that’s our voice.

If it’s our voice, we’ve gotta believe it, right?

If I could implant one solitary run of thoughts in the brains of everyone on the planet, it would be this:

That negative, self-sabotaging voice you hear in your head is not you.

Those thoughts are not yours.

They are Resistance.

Everyone hears that same voice.

Ignore it.

Resistance thrives in darkness.

Bring Resistance into the light and you defeat it.



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