Resistance Wakes Up With Me

People ask me sometimes, “When in your day do you first feel Resistance?”

Paramahansa Yogananda did not lie in bed in the morning

My answer:

“The instant I open my eyes.”

In fact maybe sooner.

Maybe before I even know I’m awake.

I feel it.

It’s like Resistance is this huge, rapacious bear that sleeps in bed at my shoulder. By the time my feet hit the floor, it’s already lacing up its shoelaces.

Resistance is waiting for me.

He’s wide awake.

He’s ready to rumble.

He does not give me .0001 second of slack.

What’s the answer?

What’s my answer?

The only way I’ve found to beat this bear is to tackle him head-on from Microsecond One.

I get up.

I stagger to the bathroom.

I’m grumbling, I’m muttering to myself, I’m waiting (miserably) for the first positive thought.

But in my mind I have set myself to face that bear and beat him.

I was listening to a tape once of Paramahansa Yogananda. He was talking about what he does first thing in the morning.

Get up! Do not lie there ‘thinking.’ Nothing good every came from that. Get up! Begin your day!

When Yogananda says “thinking,” I know exactly what he means. He means the voice of the Resistance.

We think we’re “thinking.” We imagine that the stream of consciousness in our heads is cognitive ratiocination.

It ain’t.

It’s Resistance.

Every one of those “thoughts” is trying to get us to put off our work, to blow off our calling, to give up on ourselves and our destiny … just for the next few minutes, just till the clock hits seven, just for this one day.

Resistance wakes up with us.

It is relentless, merciless, pitiless, insidious. It cannot be reasoned with or appealed to. It takes no vacations and no holidays. It’s there on Christmas and it’s there on Kwanzaa.

We must accept this.

This is our calling.

It’s the life we’ve chosen.

Get up! Do not lie there “thinking.” Nothing good ever came from that. Get up! Begin your day!