Sites Where You Should Be Sharing Your Website Content (Other Than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

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Organic marketing and visits to your site might be better in the long run, but in order to give your website viewership a much-needed boost, you’ll need to utilize social media. After all, that’s the place on the internet with the usual large concentration of people. Sharing your website content on such sites shouldn’t be optional these days.

Of course, there’s the usual Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. However, there’s more to social media than those mainstream giants. There are also lesser-known and less frequented social media sites that still have their own respectable share of users. In fact, some of them are even more serious or productive than personal social media sites.

Hence, it would do your blog well to share your website content with these sites. P.S. we didn’t include Reddit; while you could get away with masking your self-promotion on that social media, it’s still a little too risky and your whole website might end up getting banned instead of just the account. Besides, Reddit generally hates advertisers. Anyway, there’s plenty of safer options.


For some of you, LinkedIn might be a place only for when you go unemployed and are looking for a new job. However, it’s as much a marketing platform as Facebook is, perhaps even better. Any self-respecting company or merchant should have their own LinkedIn page. It makes getting attention from other potential partners easier. LinkedIn has 200+ million subscribers.

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Moreover, LinkedIn lets you post your own article copies in the social media and Google wouldn’t flag it as a duplicate. If done right, you could have your own community for LinkedIn which would subscribe and read your content more faithfully than in other social media site. Most people who are in LinkedIn are also more mature and aren’t there for personal matters either.


Another educated and mature site to share your website content would be Quora. You can frequently come across this open forum when Googling specific questions that require well-researched answers. Quora has a respectable 190+ million subscribers which is pretty impressive for a question-and-answer website.

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In order to share your own content in Quora, you’ll have to sign up and answer some of the other users’ questions first. Once you’ve written your educated answer you can then use your website content as a link or reference, provided it’s related to the topic. If done well enough, your answer might even get voted as the best and it will be more visible to everyone along with your links.


Compared to LinkedIn or Quora, Medium’s subscriber base is more humble at around 60+ million. Granted, Medium is more of a community for bloggers than a social media site. It lets members use the platform to write and share written content to be read and viewed by their already stable and robust subscriber base.

In that regard, Medium’s a great boost for websites or blogs which are just starting out. It’s great if you need help with gathering an audience. At times, you can even share some snippets of your content on Medium; there the rest of the written work will lead back to your website, provided the readers want more of it.


The good old-fashioned email marketing. Surely enough, this one’s no social media website or a website at all. Back when people were just discovering the internet and its uses for commerce, email marketing was the primary means of getting visibility. Despite its age, email marketing is still promising as ever when it comes to proliferating your website content.

Research has even shown that email subscribers are three times more likely to share any content they receive via email. As such, you’d want to set up email subscriptions to your content if you already haven’t. This way, you don’t have to manually bombard your contacts with content emails.

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Think of this one a WordPress’ own community for content. lets you share your own website content as long as you’re a member. What makes it different is the upvote or downvote system which is similar to Reddit’s. As usual, more upvotes mean better visibility for your website.

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That means you get better chances of appearing on the front page of Other than that, you can also look into this WordPress news community for inspiration on what to do next or which content is trending at the moment among many other things. All in all, it’s something you’d want to be a part of especially if you use WordPress as a content management system or website builder.


SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn and acts as a presentation platform for the said social media. Sometimes your content might be too long or complicated for people on the go but still want the gist of the story. SlideShare is something that can help you strike a balance between your subscribers’ needs and your content’s length.

With SlideShare, you can turn your content into a concise presentation which will then appear in the SlideShare website feed. It’s as simple as taking the main points of your article or other content into a presentation. If the viewers want more details, then a link to the main content on your website will be readily available.


Initially an image sharing website, Pinterest, like Instagram, has also evolved into a fully-fledged marketing platform for content creators. Take a quick trip to Pinterest and you’ll even see some websites posting their article snippets in the customized social media feed. These will then lead to the main website when clicked, making Pinterest a good platform for niches.


There’s also the fact that Pinterest has 200+ million subscribers already. For those who are also creating their own brand along with content, Pinterest can help with both aspects. Since it’s also an image-based website, having a nice and recognizable header image for your content is a must and is usually what you’ll be using to attract visitors.

Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community is similar to Medium in that it’s more of a blogger’s community than a social media site. Nevertheless, you can still share your content on their website for their established audience to see as long as you’re a member. Getting in requires going through an application process, though but it’s thankfully quick enough to be a hurdle.

Compared to Medium, Business 2 Community’s number of visitors per month is smaller at around 1 million viewers. These are visitors– not active members which is something to keep in mind. In any case, you ought to find more traffic for your website in Business 2 Community; their share rate is quite high.

That marks the end of this list. Remember, do take advantage of all of these websites instead of just one.

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