Tuesday Hits: Creating a 5 Hour School Week + Random Acts of Generosity

Creating a 5-Hour School Week Through Real Estate Investing

“So we actually had the three older girls in a private school. Our oldest had been in school since she was three years old. We had just put her in a traditional pre-school right away. We loved our community and we loved our private school community.

One of our favorite administrators, the Vice-Principal, told me one day he was leaving the school and I was heartbroken.

So I invited him up to coffee, just to say like “Where are you going? What are you doing?” He told us about a new path that he was taking, that he was starting an acting academy, which is unconventional education, it’s entrepreneurial based school. They start at kindergarten and they go all the way through high school and it really prepares kids for the real world, for becoming an entrepreneur, to starting their own businesses.

It was the first time I heard anybody doing something different and I really respected this man, and all of a sudden it got all of my wheels turning at the time, because we weren’t very happy necessarily, with giving our kids up all day, every day. And he started to speak of something new and the world opened up to us.”

Evaporating Motivation

At times, we find ourselves getting extremely excited about certain things in our lives. It could be a hobby, social activity, groups of people or even our lives in certain phases. But, as time goes on, we see the motivation and enthusiasm evaporate. Should we be re-kindling the fire somehow or moving on to new things?

Random Acts of Generosity Fund

“I’ve written before about the necessity and joys of having a Fuck-You Fund to help get you out of a bad situation on a moment’s notice, but there’s one more fund I keep handy at all times and continue to feed, only to empty on a whim. That’s my Random Acts of Generosity fund – something that I’m lucky to be able to indulge in, and something that allows me to feed my soul a bit without breaking the bank.”