Ways to Get Your New Blog Noticed

As a blogger, you want to know that your writing efforts aren’t going to waste. There is probably nothing more frustrating than spending time writing post after post, just to have only a few people visiting the site every day. There are a couple of benefits that come from improving your online blog to where you’re getting more unique visitor hits. For one, you’re able to share ideas and experiences to a larger audience. Secondly, and most importantly, you’re able to earn more money, since most websites rely heavily on traffic in order to bring in consistent revenue. In fact, most sponsored content is only available to domain name owners who generate hundreds or thousands of unique hits each day.

Market and Advertise

Marketing and advertising are your best friends when it comes to getting your blog noticed. This can be done a few different ways, both locally and on the internet. When it comes to marketing on the internet, you can and should consider creating a social media page specific to your site. This brings the raw domain itself into the social media world, which will help to draw more attention to it. There are also a variety of campaigns that you can utilize to get your social media page onto users’ timelines. Working with social media-based companies to do sponsored posts can help in bringing light to what you’re all about.

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Put Money into It

Like most other ventures, most blogs aren’t successful unless money is put into them. In order to obtain some extra funds to fuel the site’s success, you should consider the benefits of a student loan refinance by consolidating older and more expensive loans that you might have. This helps to provide you with one easy monthly payment that has a better rate and a more reasonable repayment term. You can then use the money that you save on your bills each month to put into your internet-based writing platform. You’re making money off of your website, so it makes sense that you’d need to put some back into it to keep it going. This is especially crucial for new entrepreneurs who are just getting started and who may need some extra cash for marketing and advertising.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a major problem when it comes to your writing. Domains are often ranked on search engines according to how useful and relevant the content happens to be. While you might think that over-stuffing an article with keywords will help it to show up on search engines, the exact opposite happens. The best way for you to avoid using too many of the same word is to have a thesaurus handy. This enables you to find different words with similar meanings, which will prevent your content from looking similar every time you publish something. In return, your page will rank higher on popular search engines, which will bring in more visitors each day.


Write About Different Topics

One way to get noticed when creating your own journal or blog is to write about different topics and subjects. Sure, you may be focused on talking about only tech-related gadgets and devices, but this doesn’t mean that you need to write about the same thing week after week. Varying your topic choice will keep your readers interested, and they’ll want to come back often to see the content that you’re posting. You should have a feature on the page itself that allows visitors to sign up for updates. This feature automatically emails subscribers when you add something new, rather than hoping that they continually come back to check it out for themselves. Likewise, it’s important to publish new content often so that your blog doesn’t become dull and inactive. Search engines will also rank sites according to how active the page is, so creating new content will prevent the page from becoming idle.

Use Pictures

You might think that owning your own blog is all about writing and typing. While content is king when it comes to the messages you want to convey to your audience, you also need to integrate some high-quality pictures into the mix as well. Adding photos to each post will help to break up the text, which would otherwise deter people from continuing to read. You can either take the pictures yourself or you can use free stock photos online. These are typically legal to use, so you won’t need to worry that you are infringing on a copyright just by adding it to your new post. One example for using pictures would be if you add an article specific to a recipe you’ve recently cooked up. Rather than just jot down the ingredients and the how-to part of cooking the food, you might want to take and add pictures of the food while it is being made and what readers can expect to see when trying it themselves.