Website Tools To Help You Analyze User Behavior

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Your audience is everything when it comes to blogging or maintaining a website. Their satisfaction and overall experience with your website is your bread and butter. As such, you’d want to take care of them… digitally. That is easier said than done because no matter how much feedback you ask from them, what they do with your website tells a far bigger story. Thankfully, modern technology has yet again made our lives easier– we can analyze user behavior with ease.

There exists a legion of tools, plugins, and other software that can help you translate and analyze user behavior. In fact, there are dozens of them already and picking what’s best for you can be tricky. Lucky for you, we have narrowed the choices down to 10 of them. These website tools can help you map your users’ preferences, demographics, and activity in your domain.

Bear in mind that this isn’t a ranking; these website tools all have their different specialties that can help you analyze user behavior and its different dimensions.


Remember when we said user feedback based on surveys do not always tell you the whole story? Well, we’re not going to take that back, we are, however, still recommending that you do them. You have to implement them in a way that isn’t intrusive to your website, though. For that, Satismeter can help you immensely.

analyze user behavior

It’s not free; it actually costs $49 for 300 responses per month. At that price, you can check your net promoter score feedback. This helps you paint a picture of what your visitors think of the user-interface (UI) of your blog or website. In turn, you can improve what needs immediate attention when it comes to website design.


Now, on to a deeper understanding of user behavior. Often, you’ll need to find out which content your visitors prefer or are clicking at. This way, you can check which content format to replicate in order to maximize views. For that deeper level of analytics, you might want to check out Mixpanel.

analyze user behavior

The tool touts itself as an advanced analytics platform both for mobile and desktop web. It basically gives you a report on what users are clicking on, where they’re coming from, and other forms of data crucial in when you analyze user behavior. It comes with a demo version if you want to try it out as it can be quite pricey at $999 per year.

Google Analytics

You can think of Google Analytics as a free website analytics tool. It certainly has its own uses especially for startups though it doesn’t fall behind when it comes to big businesses. Google Analytics also has a premium version which costs $150,000 per year– an option usually reserved for enterprises.

analyze user behavior

Regardless, small businesses and entry- to mid-level bloggers will find plenty of control and power when it comes to the standard version. Google Analytics’ Behavior Flow and Acquisition feature both work in harmony to provide you information regarding traffic sources and landing page popularity.

Social media engagements (likes, shares, comments)

If you want an even “more free” but less advanced tool in gauging your user behavior, look no further than social media. Websites like Facebook and YouTube show quite a lot about your viewer or visitor demographics with the latter being more advanced. For Facebook page owners, you’re even presented with an “Insights” page.

analyze user behavior

There, you can check which content triggers better engagement. Other than that, the more telltale likes/reacts, comments, and shares are sure signs of which content you should be aiming for. Again, it’s not as good (or even on the same level) as some of the more dedicated analytics tools here, but it works well if you’re not that big yet or don’t plan to be.

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WP Slimstat

For you WordPress users out there, there’s probably no need to spend much on dedicated analytics tools. When it comes to heatmaps, WordPress’ own collection of free or premium plugins are no slouch. In that regard, one of the most popular among them is WP Slimstat which is what we’re featuring.

WP Slimstat has more than 100,000 active installations so its reputation speaks for itself. Meanwhile, the handy plugin also lets you keep track of registered and returning users. It also comes with a small security functionality so that any intrusions are blocked and accounted for.

Crazy Egg

If you want a simpler and stress-free tracking tool so you can monitor your visitors’ behavior, the plugin Crazy Egg has you covered. It’s not as popular as WP Slimstat but it’s completely free and also monitors heatmaps to help you analyze user behavior.

With this plugin, you can see what your visitors are doing on your website in real-time or as a log all in a small package. The tradeoff is that the functionality of this heatmap tracking is quite limited and might leave you wanting as your website or business expands.


Finteza is not your ordinary dedicated analytics tool. Its functionality isn’t limited to mere analytics. The tool prides itself on being an audience analysis, page analytics, traffic evaluation, and sources software among other things. It has many purposes that can give you a full 360-degree view and control of your website or blog.

As a result, Finteza lets you know your audience’s demographics, behavior, and their other details as well along the lines of visiting your website. In that regard, it’s more like a marketing tool than an analytics tool and you certainly get your money’s worth for it.


The problem with many analytics tools and websites is the presentation of data. They usually come in numeric form and even their tabulation can be a headache to read. Tableau is aware that some of us have poor eyes and focuses on translating numeric data to visuals. In a sense, it’s the most admin-friendly analytics tool here.

Even better, that functionality and quality of life improvement are more affordable than some of the more advanced analytics tools here. Tableau only comes in at $70 per month per user. Analyzing data has never been this easier. Regardless, take your pick and start improving your website’s traffic and content.

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