What Creates Business Site Organic Traffic?

by Robert Clough

Are you struggling to bring more traffic to your business website?

If so, you’re not alone. 61% of companies list generating traffic and leads as their biggest marketing challenge.

What’s the solution? While there are many paid ways to bring more traffic to your site, that’s not the only option. Driving business site organic traffic should be your ultimate goal.

What’s the difference between paid and organic traffic? And what steps can you take to boost organic traffic to your site? Read on to find out.


Organic vs Paid Traffic

First of all, you want to be able to identify traffic that is being generated from Google.

Paid traffic results from users clicking on your business ad. This could be from Google, Facebook, Instagram, or another marketing platform. You pay for your ad to appear and you “pay per click” each time someone clicks on that ad.

This can drive a lot of traffic in a short amount of time, but is it sustainable? The fact is that people are finding your business because you’re paying for them to see it–not because Google thinks it’s the best match.

Compare that to organic traffic, which happens naturally in the search results. Let’s say you own a bakery and someone Googles “best bakery in Chicago.”

Your business site appears at the top of the search results, not because you’ve paid for an ad, but because Google thinks you have the best bakery in Chicago. Even better, you don’t have to pay a dime for those organic search results–they’re free!

The question is: How do you get Google to reward your site with that high ranking? It’s all about SEO (search engine optimization).

How to Boost Your Website’s Organic Traffic

Here are 3 proven ways to improve your SEO and drive more organic traffic to your site.

1. Focus on Keywords

Do keyword research to see what terms people are using to look for your product or service. Then you need to plug in those keywords to relevant areas of your site.

These include the page title, URL, SEO description, and image alt tags. You should also use keywords in your intro, conclusion, and at least one header.

2. Publish Great Content

To drive traffic to your site, you need to provide solutions and answers that users are actively seeking. You can do this through optimized landing pages, blog posts, or videos.

Target a specific topic and keyword for each page. The more relevant the information, the more likely you’ll be to get organic traffic.

3. Develop Backlinks

An often overlooked part of SEO strategy is getting backlinks. These are links from other authority websites back to your business website.

These can be tricky to obtain on your own, which is why many top SEO services offer backlinks as part of a package.


Business Site Organic Traffic: Final Thoughts

You want maximum visibility for your website, but not all traffic is created equal.

Paid traffic can drive initial results, but to really boost your site organic traffic should be your aim. Use the tips outlined above to improve your SEO and drive more organic traffic to your business site.

The more organic visitors you receive, the higher your conversion rate will soar. That’s a win-win for everyone!

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