What Is Microblogging and Why Should You Consider It?

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With the ever-increasing number of mobile users on the internet, new methods of blogging have surfaced. They are definitely a different breed of audience for your blog; one must assume they have little time or are always on the go and need a more surgical targeting method, such as microblogging. Now, what is microblogging you ask? It’s something that will help you engage with a bigger population of internet users.

They consist of shorter and more bite-sized content like short videos, photos, short text, hyperlinks, etc. As such, they are commonly posted to social media where people have a tendency to scroll past everything after content after content of fleeting infatuation. Even so, it lets them engage with the post in ways longer and more intricate content doesn’t.

what is microblogging


How microblogging came to be was a result of social media bringing in faster and more convenient ways for everyone to interact and connect with one another. To be more specific, “what is microblogging” boils down to these simple forms of posts or content on social media:

Examples of microblogging

  • Text/reaction polls
  • Replies
  • Text status/tweets
  • News gists
  • Quotes
  • Content hyperlinks
  • Short videos (viral videos are all the rage must for news sites)
  • Photos
  • GIFs
  • Memes (for the younger audience)

Essentially, microblogs allow quick interactions for your audience. In a nutshell, microblogging is what you do in social media for your blog, website, or brand. Basically, that means you might even be doing it already without knowing what it is. Hopefully, that answers “what is microblogging?” for you guys.

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So, if you find out you’re not doing any microblogging, then here are some of the reasons why you should. Let’s go over microblogging’s extensive benefits now that we’re done with microblogging definition.

Benefits of microblogging

Increased visibility

When it comes to microblogging, you need to make more frequent posts. That shouldn’t be a problem since microblogging content is brief and concise, meaning you don’t really need to put much effort into it. Subsequently, more frequent posts on any social media promote better user interactivity. Every like, share, and comment on your posts gives you better exposure on the internet and to think that all this can be done with a few sentences or one photo.

what is microblogging

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Less effort

Like we stated above, microblogging doesn’t take as much effort as producing long-form content. You can even come up with what to microblog in just a few minutes give or take depending on what content medium you’re using. In that regard, microblogging can be less stressful or taxing on your creativity or schedule. It’s pretty much a win-win for both you and your audience. It’s a relatively effortless endeavor but you’ll be missing out if you choose to ignore it.

Faster information

Human beings are digesting information at the fastest rate ever right now and it’s safe to assume it’s only going to get faster as we progress further into the future. That means some people prefer more efficient means of absorbing information especially when it suits their lifestyle. Consequently, there are those who prefer the gist or the point of a story or news rather than having to read through all the build-up and subtleties. After all, each generation seems to be becoming more and more impatient because of technology.

Here’s where microblogging can be a saving grace for your website. It can allow for a bridge which encourages the audience to look for more details. You can post a microblog about the summary of your content on social media and then hyperlink the longer full content for more details. This way, your audience can have the best of both worlds. Other times, microblogging can even be used to display snippets of certain events happening as they unfold.

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Such a practice among media outlets is quite common in platforms like Twitter or Facebook even. All in all, it’s a faster way for people to obtain information without having to spend time they may not have for longer content. Microblogging is one of the best ways to do this, regardless of any medium.

Better communication with followers

Since social media can be an open forum if you allow it, that means you can have a better and more transparent exchange with your audience. This is quite crucial for Instagram influencers or social media gurus who will need to answer a lot of questions from their fans. This interaction is not just limited to mere comments; followers can also be encouraged to share, link to, or generally promote your own content for you if you win their loyalty and enthusiasm through direct communication.

what is microblogging

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In turn, that will result in better exposure or even better search engine optimization; more people citing your website can improve your domain’s authority. That’s assuming the content you post is reliable, of course.

Mobile users will appreciate you better

We did mention that everyone’s a glutton for information these days, right? That’s all thanks to nanotechnology, specifically mobile phones. They are practically mini-computers now which everyone carries in their pockets. As it is, people who tend to use their phones to browse or use the internet can sometimes be on a rush. For those kinds of people, microblogging is more appealing than longer content. It allows them to absorb pieces of information they want or need right away.

In that regard, you can think of microblogging as one way to optimize your content or blog for mobile users. It lets people on the go have a choice on what information they pick up. Even if there are people who have computers, chances are, they’ll still be using their phones or tablets for social media and content viewing because they consume less electricity and are more convenient to use. So if you want to win over the hearts of your mobile user audience base, then make sure you know what is microblogging and how to do it.

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