100 Renowned Marketing Keynote Speakers

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Renowned Brand Marketing Keynote Speakers

If you could have your audience feel one emotion what would it be? Excitement? Empathy? Surprise? Answering this question and building your next event around your desired emotional response can make all of the difference in how it is valued and what is remembered. Neurologist Donald Calne sums up the power of emotion: “Reason leads to conclusions. Emotion leads to action.” Of the 5,000+ possible human emotions which ones will shape the learning outcomes for those at your next event?

Behind Branding Strategy Insider (a service of The Blake Project) are some of the world’s foremost experts and speakers on building brands. (Former Apple and Pepsi CEO John Sculley pictured) Each with dynamic communication skills that move people to feel…understand…and act.

We work with more than 100 top rated keynote speakers that specialize in the most important aspects of B2C and B2B marketing today and bring these concepts to life for audiences at conferences and learning events globally. Many of them are seasoned experts, published authors, practitioners and educators of brand management.

Popular Topics Include: The Intersection Of Business And Purpose, 50 Ways To Differentiate Your Brand, Building The Human Side Of Brands, Digital Transformation, Creating Brand Rituals, Hidden Consumer Insights & Behavioral Science, Private Label Strategy, Brave Brand Innovation, Accelerating Brand Growth, Retail Strategies For A Changing World and Brand Strategy For An Age Of Disruption.

Regardless of where your next conference or event is, or the emotions you are trying to evoke, The Blake Project can help you exceed expectations with speakers that connect.

Please email The Blake Project for more about how our speakers can help you gain an emotional advantage, distinctive advantage and connective advantage for your conference or event. We can also be reached directly in Los Angeles at 813-842-2260.

Branding Strategy Insider is a service of The Blake Project: A strategic brand consultancy specializing in Brand Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Growth and Brand Education

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