7 Marketing Tools Every Blogger Should Bookmark

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Being a blogger is not only about creating valuable content for readers. Without the right marketing strategy, your blogs would be lost in the search results regardless of how good they are. 

Your job as a blogger starts right from finding relevant ideas to ensuring that your content gets good visibility. Thankfully, the internet has an array of marketing technology that you can leverage. 

1. BuzzSumo for Content Discovery

Are you looking for inspiration? BuzzSumo is a nifty tool that can help you derive ideas based on the viewers’ searching habits. You can look for ideas based on your keywords or a headline. For instance, if you are preparing content for EssayHub, you can search for do my essay for me in the search bar. The tool will instantly give you related topics that are shared most frequently on social media. 

You can identify popular ideas or curate content in your niche. Bloggers can even discover social media influencers who work in the niche to market your content.  BuzzSumo also comes with handy automation and analytics features to monitor your blog’s performance.

2. Portent as an Idea Generator

Another helpful site for content discovery is Portent. The concept here is simple. You can enter any keyword you want to base your content on. The tool will generate a headline designed to capture your audiences’ attention. Portent will even tell you why it thinks the headline will make the right choice. If you want more ideas, you can choose to see more options and save the ones you like.

3. Google’s Keyword Planner

While you can use a single keyword to uncover content ideas, you can also use topics to note down the potential keywords for your content. Google has one of the best free tools in this regard.

To begin with, you can search by product, product category, or website name. If you add a website link along with keywords, you are likely to get more relevant keyword ideas. That is, instead of merely entering NoCramming.com, you can include the best essay writing service reviews to get more keywords. You can also perform competitive research by entering their websites as well.

4. UberSuggest for Long-Tail Keywords

UberSuggest is the brainchild of the marketing wizard Neil Patel. It packs several marketing features of advantage to bloggers. You can generate content ideas, keywords, and perform SERP analysis right from the dashboard. The tool will keep track of your historical data, allowing you to monitor which blogs perform better. In its latest feature, you can also type in your competitor’s domain name and father insight into their keywords.

5. Yoast for SEO

No list of marketing tools is complete with Yoast SEO mentioned at least once. The device has been dominating the SEO marketing niche for a long time. You can use it to boost the visibility of your blog and analyze how effectively you do Search Engine Optimization.

Once you finish writing your post, paste it on the SEO to perform the Yoast analysis. Any scope for improvement will be highlighted in red, and you can adjust your content accordingly until the Yoast SEO finds it satisfactory. The website also has tons of resources for you to learn about SEO. It will also work hand-in-hand with WordPress to make sure that all your site posts are well-optimized. 

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6. Revive Old Posts for Social Sharing

Want to give your posts a nudge on the social media platform without having to do it yourself. Revive Old Posts will schedule sharing your old posts so you can focus more on the new ones. This app is a freemium tool, and the free version will give you access to limited social media platforms. You get full control over what you share, whether it is just the title, or includes hashtags, or even cloaks your shared links.


The tool will also track the clicks by integrating with Google Analytics Campaign tracking. This helps you identify your most popular posts and monitor the traffic coming from different social media. You can also schedule posts on rotation, so even your old posts will get enough limelight.

7. MailChimp for Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a top plan to promote your blogs. You can send out newsletters, update your readers of new blog posts, and give them a glimpse of your latest content all through the emails. Much like social media sharing, email marketing can also be exhausting without automation.

MailChimp is one of the best tools for this. The app comes with in-built templates for you to design your email body that matches your brand voice. You can also launch and manage campaigns on multiple platforms using MailChimp. It goes without saying that the software will also monitor your campaigns and offer valuable insights to strategize your marketing.

Blogging has evolved to accommodate the changing demands of your audience. It is no longer about jotting your thoughts and opinions down for others to read. You need to tailor your content to match what the audience is looking for.

These tools can help you elevate your website’s marketing strategy. Make sure you pick the right ones that meet your business needs.


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