Best Blog Name Generators Beginners Should Try

Planning for your blog is easy especially if you already have your content scheme laid out; by then everything tends to go smoothly up until you reach the point when you have to think of a blog name. Pretty soon, you’re pulling your hair out due to how everything you thought was still available turned out to be already taken. To alleviate that headache, you’re going to need the help blog name generators.

After all, your blog name is more important than you think since it also acts as the URL. Apart from being distinctly yours, it also has to have a certain recall— something people will remember so they’ll have no problem typing in the web address. Blog name generators can take care of that aspect for you so you can be as creative and unique with your blog name as you can.

We have then compiled some of the best blog name generators you can use so you can conceptualize your blog better. These are websites that will assist you in formulating your own blog name whether you already have something in mind or are torn with what to pick. is a simple and serious web tool for checking which blog or domain name suits your niche well enough. You begin by inputting a keyword for your blog and then the website will show you all the available “.com” domain that you can pick. If there aren’t any, then they’ll recommend related URLs based on your keyword or different domain type suggestions like “.net” and others.

Blog Name Generators

Moreover, also shows you the cost of registration for any domain name you want so you don’t get shocked. From there, you can weigh your options and then do the registration itself on which is handy for when you’re in a hurry to claim that domain name.

Lean Domain Search

Leave it to the makers of WordPress to make a stress-free blog name generator; that’s right, the very same creators of WordPress are also responsible for Lean Domain Search. The web tool promises to be an easy and painless search for any available domain names related to your blog niche of choice. Lean Domain Search also specializes in domain names that contain several words.

Blog Name Generators

In fact, it can even suggest several names word combinations if your initial pairing has already been taken. Lean Domain Search gives you suggestions with prefixes and suffixes so you can have your own unique URL. As an added bonus, the web tool even searches the depths of Twitter if your domain name is also available there or not. To make your search even easier, Lean Domain Search also lets you mark a suggestion as your favorite in case you want to browse other options.

Since it’s made by the WordPress owners, once you’ve picked a domain name, you also get the option to register it using WordPress or Bluehost as both are integrated into the web tool.


Nameboy, as a world play on a certain prehistoric Nintendo handheld console, is the oldest among the blog name generators on the internet. As such, you can bet that it’s a tried and tested web tool for budding bloggers or would-be website owners. It functions similarly to the previous name generators where you merely need to input a keyword and the results will start pouring in.

Blog Name Generators

Nameboy also lets you register the domain name via Bluehost which is also integrated into the web tool. However, you might find Nameboy’s suggestion algorithm a little less complex than others. You’re going to have to search again using a different keyword combination if you find that your initial search doesn’t display your desired results. Still, you can’t go wrong with the simplicity and speed of this tool.


If word combinations are too vanilla for you and you want something else that doesn’t sound like two tacked-on terms, then Wordoid might scratch that creative itch. It’s one of the most unique blog name generators in this list since it basically invents new and nonexistent words for your website. There is a science behind that and Wordoid also follows phonetics and words that are easily recognized so you can bet that they’re new yet familiar words at the same time.

Blog Name Generators

In any case, they make for perfect domain names since you can rest assured that they’re truly yours. You can even choose a specific language where Wordoid should pick words. Word length, pattern, and quality are also taken into account and you can adjust those accordingly, making Wordoid a perfect choice for creatives’ blogs. 

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel is a blog name generator that gives you varied options depending on your preference. If you input a keyword and hit search, the web tool will give you some of its dual or triple-word suggestions for a domain. At the bottom of the results page, however, you can check for additional suggestions that are made to be short in case you prefer a compact and catchier domain name.

That’s because for brands, shorter domain names are generally considered better. Something with just two or three syllables at most will always have better recall than three long words. That’s why if you run a business or company that relies on marketing, then Domain Wheel might be the best option for your blog or website. The tool also integrates with GoDaddy for registration once you’ve selected.

Name Mesh

As for a rainbow of suggestions when it comes to blog name generators, not many can beat Name Mesh. That’s because Name Mesh gives you widely varied results depending on common short domains, SEO-focused suggestions, name combinations, and even suggestions it considers fun or hip depending on the time period. 

Hence, Name Mesh is perfect if you want your blog or website to have recognizable personality as per today’s standards. Search customization options also include turning off certain URL extensions in case you prefer them to be just “.com” or something else. Additionally, you can check a suggested domain’s social availability on Twitter or Facebook in case you want 


Panabee has a smart and creative name generator which is hidden under its simple and carefree search facade. All you have to do is describe your website idea in two words and Panabee will take care of the rest. How it cobbles together a domain name is also quite inventive; sometimes the web tool will remove some vowels or some letters or completely spell the keyword backwards for a genuine twist on your domain name.

It also has one of the most thorough social media checks for your domain name and encompasses Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. Once you’ve picked your own domain name, the site can take you to GoDaddy for registration. Take your pick and choose wisely since your domain name is crucial for your website’s growth.