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: ‘As Explained By’

Date: February 2020
Programmatic advertising, and the possibilities that digital has opened up for marketers, can be a complicated subject. The Trade Desk understands that.
To help, the company is releasing its ‘As Explained By’ campaign, featuring two short films that articulate the key advantages of data-driven digital advertising. Developed by advertising agency BBH, these film shorts feature mini-tutorials on the importance of objectivity and reach in advertising by some surprising characters.
Comedian Neal Brennan, as director, brought his wit and love of the unexpected to these films. It will be the company’s first-ever TV spots, and they will run programmatically on CTV to target the marketing ecosystem. This includes the upcoming college basketball tournament as well as digital and social buys.
The ads take viewers into everyday human situations, including asking for recommendations from a hotel concierge and trick-or-treating for Halloween, to help understand why transparency and broader reach in digital advertising campaigns are critical to advertisers’ success.

Director: Neal Brennan
Client: The Trade Desk
Tags: United States
Video of Objectivity in advertising, as explained by a hotel manager
Video of Programmatic reach, as explained by trick-or-treaters

: ‘For the Goodest Man’

Date: February 2020
Helmed by directing duo D.A.D.D.Y., aka Enda Loughman and Mike Ahern, these four 15-second spots, each narrated by a talking bulldog, highlight the brand’s latest eco-friendly offerings.
‘Beardy’ and ‘Bum Chin’ respectively capture the bulldog dropping endearing compliments as its owner oils his beard and shaves his prominent cleft chin. “Got You” visualizes the bulldog lending a helping paw by scrubbing its owner’s hairy chest in the shower while ‘Matching’ features the bulldog complimenting his owner’s soft skin while donning colorful, matching outfits (complete with stylish sunglasses).

Client: Bulldog, Edgewell Personal Care
VP of Marketing, North America: Matt Bell
Marketing Director: Minna Raffin
Senior Brand Manager: Kari Caesar
Chief Creative Officer: Richard Brim
Executive Creative Directors: David Brown, Daniel Bonder
Creative Directors: Ash Tavassoli, Jess Toye
Head of Design: Mitch Horton
Agency: adam&evenyc
Agency Head of Production: Victoria Bennett
Agency Executive Producer: Gemma Conway
Group Strategy Director: Stuart Harrison
Strategy Director: Alistair Owen
Managing Director: James Rowe
Account Supervisor: Katie Briefel
Production Company: 1stAveMachine
Director: DADDY
Partner/Executive Producer: Sam Penfield
Executive Producer: Michaela Mckee
Executive Producer: Peter Repplier
Director of Photography: Miguel Lopez
Editorial: WORK
Editor: Mark Edinoff
Producer: Alejandra Alarcon
Post Production: The Mill
Production Supervisor: Bethaney Phillips
Executive Producer: Eliana Carranza-Pitcher
Producer: Luke Proctor
2D Lead: Dan Bowhers
2D Assists: James Cudahy, Katelyn Veneman
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
Audio Post Production: Mr Bronx
Sound Design: Dave Wolfe
Tags: United States
Video of Bulldog – Matching [15]
Video of Bulldog – I've Got You [15]
Video of Bulldog – Beardy [15]
Video of Bulldog – Bum Chin [15]

: ‘Jif vs Gif’

Date: February 2020
“If you’ve ever called a Gif a Jif, we forgive you.” That’s the word from Jif peanut butter and Giphy as they team up to settle the great debate over how to pronounce Gif (hard-G please), in a playful new initiative created by Publicis Groupe.
The #JifvsGif lineup includes a limited-edition ‘Gif’ peanut butter jar available immediately on Amazon, a suite of custom Jif Gifs created in partnership with Giphy, as well as a satirical video written by PSOne and produced by Funny or Die, featuring linguistics ‘Professor’ Gary Goodman (pronounced Jary Joodman) angrily (pronounced anjrily) refuting Jif’s stance.
Are you team Hard-G or team Soft-G? Just in time for National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day on 1 March, Jif and Giphy invite you to fuel the #JifvsGIF debate and proclaim your stance.
The initiative is from Publicis Groupe’s Power of One solution, PSOne, a bespoke agency for The JM Smucker Company.

Creative Credits
Client: The J. M. Smucker Company
Brand: Jif
Campaign Title:  #JifvsGIF
Agency: PSOne
Agency Location: New York
Chief Creative Officer: Andy Bird
Executive Creative Director: Erica Roberts         
Emerging Technology Director: Jon Hackett
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Alan Wilson
Associate Creative Director, Art: Peter Defries
Copywriter: Blake Fromkin
Art Director: Molly Prunka
Designer: Zachary Collopy
Designer: Guillermo Echevarria
Experience Design: Marga Javier
Experience Design: Janice Park
Strategy Director: Allie O’Shea
Group Account Director: Pedro Perez
Account Director: Erika Maddrey
Account Supervisor: Lauren Wojciechowski
VP, Project Management: Alex Orson
SVP, Consumer Marketing: Patricia Hallock
SVP, Influencer Marketing: Saveira Singh
VP, Media Relations: Alan Danzis
Print producer: Dorina Sharara
Gary Goodman
Production Company: Funny Or Die
Director: Carlyn Hudson
Producer:  Michelle Senay
Producer: Nate Vaughan
Editorial Company:  Funny Or Die
Editor: Andrew Jewell
Producer:  Michelle Senay
Audio Record & Mix:  Kylen Deporter
GIPHY Creative Director: Mark Miller
GIPHY Art Director: Dave Franzese
Creative Team: Brooke Bamford, Jake Longoria, TJ Freda
GIPHY Project Manager: Pamela Thomas
Director: Dave Franzese
Director of Photography: Sharif El Neklawy
Wardrobe: Julia Baylis, Brooke Bamford
Hair & Makeup: Nicole Elle King
Production Design: Brooke Bamford
Casting: Lauren Charkow
Editor / Compositor: Jake Longoria
Producer: Kati Rehbeck
Judge: Felicia Greenfield
Athlete: Matrell Smith
Perfume Model: Sandy Tejada
Teacher: Megan Lynch
Average Joe: David Davino
Tags: United States
Video of How To Correctly Pronounce ‘GIF’

: ‘UnCancel Plans’

Date: February 2020
This Leap Year, we’re granted the gift of time with an extra 24 hours and Stella Artois wants to help consumers make the most of it.
Stella believes that time is the most valuable currency we have and is encouraging people to ‘UnCancel plans and catch up with friends and family over a Stella – covered by the brand.
Stella Artois has released a short ad that brings attention to the value of time and unveils the latest way Stella is helping people savor life together.
The film announces that for a limited time, consumers across the nation can be rewarded for spending time together by tapping into The Stella Leap Day Fund – a $366,000 bank of beer reserved exclusively for those who spend time together over as Stella this Leap Day.
Consumers can claim a portion of the fund to cover their Stella (up to a 24-pack) by sharing the film using #UnCancelPromo and tagging someone 21+ they want to spend Leap Day with. Fans must be following @StellaArtois and purchase during the Leap Day period, 26-29 February. They will then have until 14 March to submit their redemption.
Tags: United States
Video of #Uncancel Plans this Leap Day

: ‘Girls Room’

Date: March 2020
Dove’s Self-Esteem Project has recently collaborated with Emmy-award winning screenwriter, producer and actress Lena Waithe to launch ‘Girls Room,’ a new mini series today that tackles self-esteem in young women.
Girls Room is a new five-episode scripted series which tackles the pain and power of female adolescence through the eyes of a group of 5 girls as they face the challenges of growing up in today’s social media world.
Each episode tackles a subject relating to self-esteem (bullying, social media, body image etc) and aims to positively impact the self-esteem and confidence of young women and create positives attitudes and behaviours.
Tags: United States
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: ‘It’s OK To Look’

Date: March 2020
‘It’s Okay to Look,’ is an OOH city-takeover running across NYC subways, kiosks, taxi tops, buses, billboards and wild postings that comes to life through alluring headlines and pulp noir style illustrations created in by renowned New York artist, Sam Spratt.
The ads tap into the apartment realities and fantasies that many New Yorkers experience, reigniting the excitement and possibility a new home search can unlock and encouraging people to sneak a peek at what could be with StreetEasy as their gateway.  
The campaign is the first from Austin agency, Preacher, who was named AOR for StreetEasy in January.

Client: StreetEasy
VP Marketing & Analytics: Peter Edwards
Senior Director of Marketing: Amory Wooden 
Senior Manager, Brand Marketing: Andrea Mazandi 
Senior Brand Marketing Specialist: Jeryl Lippe 
Agency: Preacher
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Baird
Chief Executive Officer: Krystle Loyland
Chief Strategy Officer: Seth Gaffney
Brand Director: Grant Watson
Junior Brand Manager: Madison Goldston
Creative Directors: Sean Vij & Adrien Bindi
Associate Creative Directors: Maxx Delaney & Nick Troop Junior Copywriter: Matt Klugman
Junior Art Director: Eddy Allen
Senior Designer: Anna McCaleb
Studio Director: Tamara Stoddard
Production Artist: Jenna Krackenberger
Strategy Director: Jasmine Clark
Senior Strategist: Stephen Maroda
Executive Producer: Stacey Higgins
Senior Producer: Rachel Kichler
Business Affairs: Abbi Press
Illustrator: Sam Spratt
Artist Rep: Jeff Church, Bernstein & Andriulli
Motion Graphics: Chapman Bullock
Animation Studio: Proper 
Tags: United States

: ‘Wish You Were Here’

Date: March 2020
‘Wish You Were Here,’ is a national brand campaign for Travelocity in the US, gives the brand’s Roaming Gnome a starring role as a seasoned world traveler, depicting him in various destinations while he shares the benefits of Travelocity membership. While the Roaming Gnome was already a regular presence in Travelocity’s advertising, this works casts him in the leading role.
The campaign uses Travelocity’s existing ‘Wander Wisely’ tagline, but it’s the first new work under that platform in more than two years and represents a new creative direction for the brand.
Ads will run primarily on TV in :30 and :15 versions nationally, as well as across online video and social platforms. Proof also handles the Roaming Gnome’s social media handles, which will also feature behind-the-scenes glimpses of the campaign from the lead talent’s perspective.

Executive Creative Director: Craig Mikes
Art Director: Lane Jordan
Copywriter: Claire Jordan
Producer: Amy Hurt
Group Account Director: Dionne Estabrook
Account Supervisor: Blair Williams
Senior Strategist: Deb Freeman
Production Credits
Director: Sean Thonson
Production Company: Wondros
Editor: Einar
Editorial: Union Editorial
Audio: Digital Domain
Finish: Finland Finish
Tags: United States
Video of Wish You Were Here – Puttanesca for Two
Video of Wish You Were Here – Bring a Paddle!
Video of Wish You Were Here – The Thrill of Better Travel
Video of Wish You Were Here – Swimming in Savings
Video of Wish You Were Here – Beach Masterpiece

: ‘AppGallery’

Date: March 2020
Multi-award-winning creative company The-Artery brings to life a stylish global campaign for consumer electronics brand Huawei’s official app distribution platform, AppGallery.
The campaign, set to an original musical track entitled “Explore It”, visualizes the AppGallery as more than a mobile app store, but rather as a gate to an endless world of digital content with the utmost level of data protection and privacy.  Each scene is anchored by the platform’s signature red square logo, reimagined in countless creative ways — including floating tetris-cubes, camera focuses, racing video game power-ups, and more. These enticing visuals were developed via The-Artery’s newly opened color suite and expanded design capabilities, led by Colorist Steve Picano and Design Director Lauren Indovina.

CEO: On Goldshtein
Chief Creative Officer: Erez Maytal
Head of Design: Usher Ben-Ishay
Account Director: On Goldshtein
Account Supervisor: Inbal Eldan
Account Executive: Ruth Fadayev
Art Director: Inbal Netzer
Copywriter: Erez Maytal
Planner: Amitay Amir
Production Company: Jiminy Creative Tel-Aviv
Director: Eli Sverdlov
Executive Producer: Kobi Hoffman
Producers: Amir Feingold, Elinor Almagor, Orit Pinco
Director of Photography: Tobias Hochstein
Production Designer: Samuel Ben-Shalom
Service Production: Family Productions, Kiev 
Executive Producer: Nikita Bukowski
Service Producer: Marina Petrenko
Design, VFX & Animation: The-Artery, NY
Creative Director: Vico Sharabani
Executive Producer: Deborah Sullivan
Producer: Ruben Gloria
VFX Coordinator: Thurman Martin
2D Lead Artist: Asaf Yeger
2D Artists: Matthew Tremaglio, Westley Sarokin, Aarif Attarwala
3D Artists: Joe Grundfast, Dave Stewart, Grace Cassas, Bogdan Mihajlovic
Designer: Lauren Indovina
Color Grading by The-Artery, NY
Colorist: Steve Picano
Editing Company: Jiminy Creative
Editor: Noam Weissman
Edit Assist: Shira Dar
Music: “Explore It” by Tomer Biran
Sound Design: Asaf Bitton
English Narration: Liav Sverdlov
Tags: Europe
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: ‘A Journey to Safety’

Date: February 2020
Air New Zealand has launched its new safety video that highlights the impact of New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis.
The video called ‘A Journey to Safety’, tells the story of a young girl who transports a lost  takahe, a bird indigenous to New Zealand, to his new home with help from Air New Zealand and the Department of Conservation (DOC).
It stars Lily Roebuck in the role of Janey, supported by DOC Threatened Species Ambassador Nicola Toki, DOC ranger Jerry Henry-Finch,  Air New Zealand crew members  Danielle Griffioen,  Shelly Pretorius  and  Jordan Young, children of Air New Zealand employees, and a CGI  takahe named Mr  T.  
New Zealand’s landscapes are featured in the video, with the Murchison Mountains in Fiordland,  Tiritiri  Matangi in the Hauraki Gulf and Sanctuary Mountain  Maungatautari in Waikato all making an appearance.  
”The newest video is a charming story with a serious message behind it,” said Jodi Williams, Air New Zealand’s general manager for global brand and content marketing.
“While it’s lighthearted on the surface,  it conveys a really important message – our native birds need our help. Our safety videos have collectively generated more than 180 million views over the past decade,  so what better medium to shine a spotlight on New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis.
“We’re really proud of the work we’re doing with DOC, and hope Kiwis and visitors alike will not only delight in our latest video, but take on the message behind it.”  
Tags: New Zealand
Video of A Journey to Safety – #AirNZSafetyVideo
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