How Cable TV Providers Use Social Media to Target Millennials

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Service worker installing and fitting satellite antenna dish for cable TV

are causing a massive shift in the cable television industry. This age group is moving away from traditional
cable television and cutting the cord to go to Netflix, Hulu or other streaming
services in droves.

The shift in
the way that people watch television is leading to hundreds of thousands of
subscribers cancelling their cable television subscriptions every quarter.

But social
media has proven to be a helpful tool in an attempt to bring millennials back
to cable television. Social media’s influence in the millennial age group’s
life is huge, and a few key tactics we’re seeing on social media to bring this
age group back to cable television include:

1. Video is Essential

continues to be the most engaging form of content posted on social media.
People no longer want to read text to be able to find out information. When
video is involved, it allows cable companies to promote their offers faster and
more effectively.

During the
presidential debates in 2016, we saw just as many people watching debates on
YouTube as we did on television.

social media to promote deals, new shows and offerings is a great way to pique
the interests of consumers.

2. Promoting New Packages and Offers for Better Retention

In 2018, 78% of households still had cable television or
satellite television. And at this time, 69% of homes were subscribed to a
streaming service, too. Social media is how many of the streaming services are
able to attract consumers, but cable companies are fighting back with packages
and offers of their own.

always room for cable if the company offers a better deal than a streaming

Spectrum is
promoting their Gold Package which offers 200+ channels on top of
several premium channels, including:

  • HBO
  • Starz
  • Cinemax
  • Showtime
  • NFL Network
  • EPIX

Combining several
offers into packages, such as television and Internet into one offer for a
lower price means that for just slightly more than an Internet package, people
are being locked into cable and television packages. Social media advertising
is being used to alert consumers of better deals that may keep them subscribed
to the cable company’s services.

3. Offer Exclusive Content to Millennials

Social media
can attract the right audience when the right form of content is created.
Exclusive content is being promoted on social media to help bring millennials
back to cable companies. This content may include exclusive articles that
appeal best to the millennial audience.

The content
can also be special deals, online teasers for popular shows or anything else
that may bring subscribers back.

stories are also a great option. Instagram is key for visual storytelling, and
it can help generate sales. Millennials may be hard to promote to, but the age
group prefers to see how a product or service will benefit them most.

visual storytelling, it’s possible for cable companies to be able to show all
of the benefits that a subscription offers, such as premium channels, streaming
to multiple devices, apps and other key features that may appeal to the

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