How’s Your One Debt Challenge Going?

Remember our June challenge…one debt, paid off this month…how’s it going?

  • Have you found small ways to save money to put toward your debt?
  • Have you made any extra payments toward your debt?
  • How are you feeling about this challenge? Are you still in or has life happened and knocked you for a loop?

My goal is to finish off paying off my credit card. While the high balance has been $5,000, at the beginning of this month, I had it down to $2,000. And I switched to cash only spending to prevent me from adding to the balance at all.

This week I will make a $600 payment toward the balance. Woot, woot! With 2/3 of the month still to go, I’m still fighting to earn the additional $1,400 I will need to get it to a $0 balance.

I want to hear how your June challenge is going. How can I support you?

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