Iponweb enlists Appetite Creative to create creative explainer video

Iponweb, the behind-the-scenes technology provider powering iconic and impactful platforms and businesses in RTB and programmatic, is building programmatic and real-time advertising technology and infrastructure for brands, agencies, publishers, and data providers. 

Programmatic has completely changed the way in which advertising is bought and sold over the past decade. This has had a whole host of repercussions, such as:

  • increased disintermediation between buyers and sellers;
  • reduced transparency and the siphoning away of media dollars to technology fees;
  • persistent concerns around fraud, brand safety, and consumer privacy;
  • and the fragmentation of spend across partners and platforms. 

The MediaGrid, launched as an antidote to these disruptions, was purpose-built for agency buyers and premium publishers operating in the new era of programmatic. It creates an open environment bringing buyers and sellers closer together to empower both sides with supply curation and management tools to drive greater trading efficiency, performance, and value in programmatic.

However, many businesses continue to fail to understand how they can benefit from using programmatics. Appetite Creative Solutions have brought the product to life with a series of visualisations and innovative engagement.

The team created a 90 second explainer video to present both the technical capabilities and business value of The MediaGrid. The straightforward video uses attractive visuals to deliver a clear message and grab the audience’s attention within a matter of seconds.

Jenny Stanley, Appetite Creative MD and founder, said: “We wanted to show Iponweb and The MediaGrid off and tell people about their product and personality. Often with online businesses, the customer may have little face to face contact with the provider. We wanted to foster trust between the client and provider by being honest and clear from the start. We wanted to help Iponweb create a fantastic first impression. Their product promised to do the rest.”

View the explainer video here.