The Older I Get, the Less I Want

As I was purging my closets and kitchen this past weekend, I had a lot of time to evaluate life and what’s to come. And the big thing I’ve come to realize that the more I live, the more I’ve moved, the less and less material possessions mean to me. Yet I’ve continued to move them around with us.

This was especially relevant when I began moving the boxes and boxes of pictures I have been toting around since I was in high school. Picture that…the little kids and I have moved over 12 times since my husband and I split up. I’ve moved these boxes each time. And I’m not sure I opened them even once.

Recording My Memories

Now don’t get me wrong, those memories are important to me. But I’ve decided to give myself a deadline this time AND NO MORE MOVES for these picture boxes!

As we were emptying the shelving units in the living room, History Buff began looking at the scrapbooks I have completed. And that’s when it hit me, my kids will not know what all these pictures are unless I tell them.

So my DEADLINE is January 2nd, 2020. I am going to sort through the pictures, only keeping the ones that are relevant. I will be putting them in a picture album with a notecard on the relevance of the pictures – who’s in it, what it/they meant to me, etc.

Not only will this leave a legacy for my kiddos someday, but it will also help me continue towards the true minimalist lifestyle I want to pursue.

Any pictures/boxes that I have not sorted by the deadline…they will get tossed. After so many years of being boxed up and moved around, will I really notice if they are gone?

What about you? Do you have items you have been toting around with you? Things you keep for sentimental value and nothing else? Do they something feel like an anchor?

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